Accountants in Lisbon

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to check if anyone has a recommendation to make for accountants in Lisbon — hopefully someone you’ve had some experience working with and are satisfied. A plus if they speak english and have experience with foreign (eg. American) clients / tax issues / company setups.

For my own contribution: I’ve met with Hugo Maia for a consultation.

  • he was friendly and answered all my questions in great detail
  • speaks good english
  • was happy to check my status and even open an activity / intracommunity transactions changes on the spot
  • 50€ for a 1+ hour consultation
  • 25€ / month for IRS, IVA, Social Security declarations
  • 30€ to just do IRS
  • 150€ to get a Social Security number with a week delay (100€ if you’re a monthly client)

Also one to really avoid: Maria Silva, who we tried to work with to import our car. We paid her a fee, she said she submitted documents, but actually nothing at all was done and we had to have someone else do it after 6 months of waiting. She is also very disorganized. We had to complain to the Ordem dos Contabilista Certificados.


Hi Ian,

No info for you unfortunately BUT I am also searching for the same BUT in the Algarve preferably…
If anyone out there has some recommendations, it would be appreciated.