Alentejo for reduced golden visa

Hi there,
I recently visited the Alentejo region and fell in love with the place - nature, people, history, food etc. I believe this region has a great potential and thus would like to invest in this region for my golden visa investment. I have scanned the marked, but found the projects so-so. Most of them are from some Middle Eastern or Indian development companies, which i do not have too much trust in. However, one project stood out for its qualities. Rossio Palace deluxe hotel in Castelo de Vide. Thus, have any of you been to Castelo de Vide and what do you think about the place?

Hello, As someone who has lived in Portugal for more than six years as a civil engineer, and specializes in golden visas, I suggest you do not invest in hotel projects.

There are projects in Evora which you can look at.