Anna and Fred, old school couple willing to be shaked up their mind by new generations!

(fred) #1

Coucou! :wave:
We are Anna and Fred, a married couple living the south of France (Montpellier), not nomad by obligations ( because of fears to leave our job!) for now but willing to be autonomous as soon as possible to share our life between France and Philippines mainly. We love to meet people and cultures and we love to learn from the other. Our passions for cars (for me Fred who write now) decoration, woodwork & photo… Cooking, decoration, hosteling, gathering for Anna pushed us to create online and physical business . Unfortunately we don’t have actually knowledges to share with you expect rules to open business in France and Philippines.
We will certainly need your advises as we don’t want to register in France anymore (no comments…!) and in Philippines it’s easy like 123 but difficult to be taken serious for worlwilde selling…
So, to be simple we need an address in Europe in a country with “low” tax and a bank account anywhere to accept online payments .
One of our customer is in Vietnam :vietnam:, we have a business in Philippines :philippines:, willing to sell worldwide but living in France :fr: which is the most taxed country ever … Ouch what a challenge !

Cheers everybody ! :wave:


(Mette Glargaard) #2

Hello Anna and Fred :slight_smile:

Since you are very close to Spain, I suggest you go there and register for a NIE. I did that and have an address there with an Irish friend. Maybe I can help you with an address there too - if you want, I can find out :slight_smile:

I would love to hear more about your experience with philippines - maybe we can connect on Facebook? My name there is Mette Glargaard.

Have a great day!


(Claire) #4

Coucou! :wave:

Claire ici, Frenchy aussi, Nomad long before being digital :wink:

Not so easy to find relevant info specific to French citizens… I sent you a PM in french, easier that way :wink:


(fred) #5

Hi Mette, first sorry for the delay to reply…
I will ring you in messenger :wink:

Anna and Fred