Apostille and document preparation for US GV investors

I have gotten statements from the county that my son (22) lives in that there is no marriage recorded for him or my daughter (19). I will appositle them with my Son’s notarized letter from school (stating he is a student) as they are all from California. My Daughter actually lives in NYC right now going to school, but the NYC process is a complete cluster due to COVID. She used to live in that county so I think I will be fine.

Depending on your state/county/local municipality you may or may not have a way to get one of the single status letters. Search for “Letter of No Record / Single Status” and your county or state and see what you get back.

I’m just starting to talk to my Lawyers right now, but I’m trying to get ahead of their requests.


Great info, especially RE: “letter of no record”. Thanks!

I asked my lawyers about getting that but anyone who knows about the US knows that those letters are useless because perhaps I just got married in the next county over, for instance, but my county has no record of it. As I said, my team said basically a signed afadavit would be fine but others might receive different advice. I’ll let you know if it works when we go for our biometrics!!

I never underestimate a bureaucracy’s desire for useless paperwork. So I spend a little time and money to get the document before they ask for it, and if they don’t need it I have insurance. Better than delaying the process when some little Neoplean at the immigration office decides to exert their power.

Are birth certificates needed for just the children of the main applicant, or for the main applicant themselves?

Our kids were born in the US so that’s relatively easy, but my spouse and I aren’t American, so getting apostille for our own birth certificates would be a major hassle.

What month did you actually send them in? I see you posted your response in November, but it’s not clear if this was a while ago or just recently. I’ve been waiting 8+ weeks (I submitted on 11/3/2020), so I’m surprised to hear the speed with which you got the apostille. Thanks for clarifying.

All applicants will need birth certificates with apostille.