Awaiting Biometrics (Stage 3)

I read from quite a few earlier posts that some applicants cancelled prior biometric appointments and therefore were gone “missing ” in SEF biometric appointment queue.


Yep. My wife missed her’s scheduled in March 2022. Havent been able to get another slot for her since.

I have seen enough examples of this same problem. Most likely there is some database issue such as, when you get an appointment it sets a boolean of “is_appointment_scheduled = 1”. If the appointment is cancelled, it never resets this boolean so that SEF believes you have already had appointment and does not invite for another appointment. In this case, a backend web developer has more power to solve this problem than the chief of SEF.


November 9 —

SEF appointment at the Lisbon office just concluded. The lawyer went in, took a number, and waited. I went for a coffee and some pastel de nata. She texted me when it’s my turn. I went in for photo, fingerprints, and signature. Barely five minutes, it’s done.

Now we wait again.


My GV expired in October and my Lawyer told me that SEF does not allow schedule biometrics for renewal.

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That’s right. They released some appointments in July but nothing since. Mine expired in April 2021, been trying to get an appointment for almost 2 years.
You can see more from others in the same boat on this thread:


Could you share details of your lawyer if you’re happy to recommend? Sounds like they’re better at communication than mine!

Oh, now you are getting too technical! :slight_smile:
What makes you to believe that their RBDMS is actually has such a field to begin with? Would be far too logical. :slight_smile:

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Task force created to assess end to golden visas - Portugal Resident

This clarifies it’s going to take some time.

700 SEF employees to be transferred to APMA - The Portugal News

Things have started moving :+1:

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Doesn’t this mean things will slow down! What is APMA?

Not a long read:

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May I ask, according to your lawyer, how long does it take to get the final approval? My wife and I did the biometric in early February in Lisbon, but up to now, there is no news at all from SEF. Now I have been waiting for more than 9 months and 2 weeks already.

They made so such predictions. On this subject, i don’t think anyone can make predictions that can hold water.

Did my biometrics in August and my attorney told me it could take a year to get cards. Hopefully you’ll be receiving soon!

Good luck to all those that are still waiting for appointments or cards. I know it is frustrating. Hang in there. Its a bad time to be “in process”. I wish I could have hope that things will improve. At one point I thought yes, but after seeing the same problems over and over for 2 years or longer, I don’t know anymore. I am sure that it will all work out fine in the end, but the needless agony and delays unjustified. Well, it is what it is. You buy your ticket and you take your chances.


I got my pre-approval in June 2021 , my dependent actually got a slot for the biometric in July 2022 however the main applicant didn’t … and our lawyer tried and not able to get my appointment… and I am still waiting for the appointment …anything I / my lawyer can do in this situation? :frowning:

Hi All, any update for biometric appointments? Applied on Nov3 2021. Preapproval received on April 29th 2022. Still no news of Biometric appointment . What dates are all waiting for now? any one from November 2021 who got appointments?


I applied on Oct 4th 2021. Unfortunately their last cut off date for biometrics was 30th Sep (application date).


I applied in November 2021 too and preapproved in August 2022, no news on biometrics yet. As per my lawyers no slot has opened since the last one closed.

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