Awaiting Biometrics (Stage 3)

We should probably move this discussion to a separate thread, however both good points!

I envision a private page where you can add, see, and update your own application and those of each family member.

With the current system it’s hard to add more than one family member as the admin wouldn’t know whether you’re adding an extra member or updating/correcting a previous one.


Is there a place to track rounds of invitations for biometric appointments i.e. when was the last time SEF opened up for booking appointments?

About 2 to 3 weeks ago

Thanks, looking to track the next round as in case we don’t receive a notification again, that would hopefully help convince our lawyer that we’ve dropped off the list and need to petition SEF

An update on my husband’s case. He “missed” his appointment in Feb 23, although had told SEF in advance he couldn’t make it, our lawyers were trying to swap his appointment for my baby who’d not been invited. This failed and my husband then fell in the black hole and wasn’t invited again. However our baby was recently invited for first time. Our lawyer petitioned SEF for my husband to go at same time, on basis our baby is a minor and can’t go alone. And yesterday - SEF called our lawyer and invited my husband on the same day as our baby! Now my husband is a pilot and has no flexibility, but he’s of course trying to move heaven and earth to get there, without losing his job.
Thought this would be of interest as I know there are few examples of people being invited again - we were about to file a case! Maybe SEF are starting to get on top of things? :crossed_fingers:t3:


Hi guys, I’ve published a first draft of the new GV Timeline tracker now, feel free to give it a go.

To add or update your timeline (or those of your family members), go here:

It looks like this:

As long as you’re logged in to your Nomad Gate account it should load your timeline automatically (I’ve populated it with the data from the sheet created by @loheiman—so as long as you entered either your NG username or email there it should match).

If you’re not logged in you’ll also see the option to enter an email address to submit or update timelines without needing a Nomad Gate account. So if you used a different email address than the one you use for NG, you can use this option.

The crowdsourced data is available in the views listed here (more to come, I just added the two basic views for now):

Keep in mind this is an early version, so feedback and bug reports more than welcome!

:warning: Update: I’ve created a new thread to discuss this tool, so please leave your feedback and comments there:


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Update: Lawyer received GV card today.

Timelines below:

Applied: Oct 15, 2021 - T
Pre-approval: Feb 15, 2022 - T+4 months
Biometrics: Feb 8, 2023 (Porto) - T+16 months
Approval: Jun 2, 2023 - T+20 months
Fees paid: Jun 6, 2023 - T+20 months
Card received: Jul 19 2023 - T+21 months


Brilliant! I’ve added your data to the file: Awaiting Final Approval (Stage 4) - #830 by Onward.
Since your expectations were to receive the card end 2023, Awaiting Biometrics (Stage 3) - #605 by mukunds, a celebration is in order!

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4 months from biometrics to approval - did they request any additional documents or anything?


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Yes indeed, thanks for your note!

None. Everything went smooth for me. My wife had her appointment in Guarda end of Feb and is awaiting approval. They wanted an additional document for her - declaration of no debt certificate (Certidao de nao divida à autoridade tributaria) which we submitted within a week.

Our lawyer btw had sworn that this document wasn’t required for the dependent (it was submitted for me during my biometrics), but ended up being required. Now just hoping that her final approval doesn’t take too much longer…

Hi all, have there been any recent invitation rounds after June? Thank you

In Dec 22 they opened until end March 23. In mid-March 23 they opened until end June 23. In June they opened to Sept. If they keep to the same trajectory, by mid-Sept they will open again for another period of 3 months (Oct-Dec 23).
If you think you will be in the next batch of invitees, it would be wise to make sure that your documents are updated so that you can accept an early appointment as soon as slots are opened.


hi everybody. preapproval May 6, received biometrics invitation August 16th. Scheduled for September 16.


Hi sam,is the PCC needed for the biometrics?When did you submit the application?
Still waiting for the preapproval

I think you were a Dec 21 application, right? Good to hear your news!

hi Charles. yes, my lawyer told me to have a new PCC with apostille ( I assumee PCC is a police criminal check). Patience, you will get there!

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Hi Onward. Yes, December 4th, 2021 applicant.

The invitation states the following:

Dear Sir…

The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has changed the scheduling policy for applications to Residence Permit for Investment (ARI) in order to prioritize older applications.

I suppose they are rushing to clear the backlog for biometrics, so you should be receiving one soon. At the same time, my wife and child are still waiting for preapproval…

Did they apply the same time as you?