Awaiting Biometrics (Stage 3)

Lawsuit was submitted today!

  • Dependents: GV submitted in April 2020
  • Pre-approval June 2020
  • First biometric was given in 2021 and could not be done due to Covid situation.
  • Trying to schedule again by phone/email but hopeless.
  • Lawsuit submitted June 2024 (after 4 years) :joy:

Could anyone here tell me that my case was filed as normal ?

I believe that it was filed as normal but i might be wrong.

I have mentioned countless times that i wanted to file it as urgent…


Now it might be the question of how to unfile this one and re-file it properly as “urgent”.

Not urgent. Looked like what I got in my 1st lawsuit. My case failed. Maybe we have the same lawyer :rofl:

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This came up here

I had the same on my case file but it was treated as urgent, which is what my lawyer said they requested, so I assumed it means something different in this context.

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Thanks!!! Full of $-&:&&:$); with the lawyer. Suck up my money and screw up everything is all they can do. :exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I think your case failed has nothing to do with being registered urgently or normally. It failed because of the judge. As it said in other posts, there are 4 judges and 1 of them always stay against GV applicants. The rest 3 are supporter of GV. Someone here failed also in first attempt, and tried again and won the case.

Thanks for the clarification. I pray for what they did. Endless confusion!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Generally speaking, don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions until you understand. There is no such thing as a stupid question, especially when you’re paying them.

Law isn’t impossible, you should be able to follow what’s happening if it is explained


Just for general info, I received pre-approval (original app 12/29/2021) in mid January 2024. Apparently I got pretty lucky and got a biometrics slot in Portimao 02/23/2024. However, my daughter was also pre-approved and I’ve heard nothing regarding her biometrics. Also, there was a request for renewed documents (proof of marriage, proof of enrollment) for my wife and other daughter, which the lawyers have appealed.

I have heard literally nothing about any of this since February. What a mess!

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