Awaiting Final Approval (Stage 4)

The good news just keeps on coming!

Another final approval coming in! I’ve also added this information into the database:

Application submitted - September 21st 2021
Pre-approval - April 7th 2022
Invited to book biometrics - June 24th 2022
Biometrics in Lisbon- July 6th 2022
SEF requested bank declaration - April 2023 (submitted beginning May 2023)
Final Approval - July 17th 2023
Payment submitted - July 18th 2023

My lawyer said the card will take a maximum of 30 days from payment to get delivered to their office, but we’ll see. Time has finally comeee


Congrats Priyanka.

Please let me know which bank declaration was requested for by SEF.

Brilliant. This is, like, the first approval we’ve heard about from August in Lisbon?

Greatly looking forward to December/January when we should get our approval on this timeline. In the meantime, we’re sitting it out in Bangkok. Things could be worse.


SEF taking 2 years to process residencies - The Portugal News

Hey guys, thanks for keeping the database up-to-date as your approvals are rolling in!

I have two updates for you that you might find useful:

1. You can now use your Nomad Gate username as the “public ID” of your entry in the database.

I got some feedback that it was difficult to spot your own entries in the various database views (for example to compare your progress to those with a similar timeline).

So I created a randomly generated ID for each family, which you’ll find on your personal dashboard.

And today I made it possible to swap this random ID for your Nomad Gate username, with a single click:

2. A new biometrics to final approval timeline view

I’ve created a new biometrics to final approval timeline (grouped by biometrics location):

Note that it only show the people who already received approval, not those waiting. Airtable only lets me include people in the timeline that have both the relevant start and end dates set. There’s a way around it, but it would require a bit more work.

Once including those still waiting, I think it makes sense to filter out those who haven’t submitted an update in say a year (with the option of clicking a button to say that there are no new updates, resetting the counter). I’m still building out that functionality, but it should be ready soon enough.

Hope you like these minor updates, and if you have more suggestions, feel free to DM me or drop them in this thread.


Absolutely pathetic. The timelines involved in this process have been beyond frustrating.

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Congratulations Windy for the success


Just to add:
Bio in Faro: Dec 29
Approval and payment request through email (never had DUC): June 1
Card received by lawyer: Jul 25


Did you add to the timeline?


Hello to everyone.
What status should be after biometrics is made (I mean status on ari.sef portal)? Now I have “application accepted” like after preaaroval.

Status will remain as “application accepted,” but if you click on the calendar, it should read “Compareceu” (“showed up”) in the “situation” column on the schedule entry for the date that your biometrics was scheduled.

Got the DUC from lawyer today.
Bio was in Jan 2023 at Coimbra.


Congrats! Which date in Coimbra? We did ours there and yours is second from Jan. Wondering how fast they’re working!

Jan 6. But we were required to submit new POA a month ago. Not sure if it delayed the approval.

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Hi Chris, are you adding more people to your records? If you are, here’s more data for your records. I had an interview with Lisbon SEF on June 9th, and my husband had an interview with Lisbon SEF on July 6th. Thank you for your good work, and helping us to stay informed. Bradley

Thanks, will add you to the list :slight_smile:

Thank you Chris. Hopefully more people will provide the dates to provide better data.

You updated the gv tracker here on nomadgate yes?