Awaiting Pre-Approval (Stage 2)

It’s true, I think it will take half a decade

I got an email from my legal consultant that said that Dec '21 backlog was indeed done with. And AIMA will now move straight to June of 22. The email also said that there are a few fringe paper applications in Jan of 22 and they are already seeing some movement there. This is great news. I have mailed back asking for some ballpark figure or estimation of June of 22 numbers compared to Dec of 21. And when I hear back I will update the group here. Cheers.


My husband is one of those “…few fringe” applications, but per our attorney, it was submitted online January, 22. Hopefully, we all have some good news soon!


Hopefully that is true but my 21 Dec application is still awaiting pre-approval

Oh my! This is not good then. Hope it clears out soon. Why are the lawyer sending out such false emails then? Just need more business I suppose.

Also to the lady who responded above, I hope no offence taken with the use of the word ‘fringe’. I wished to convey that some lawyers submitted paper applications in Jan of 22 which is a deviant from the norm, and there are only a few deviations. So, we should pass over such soon. All the best to all.


I think more likely there are just several “piles” of applications and some of them have gotten through the december section faster.

Just an educated guess for how they’re doing this, that explains the inconsistency we see

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its definitely the case for subsequent application steps (right?) so it makes sense it would apply to pre-approval too.

how many digital coffee stains do you think my app has? been sitting on that e-desk for a minute!

My lawyers have said that they have seen significant movement on applications so far this year, and that AIMA has been implementing multiple new efficiencies to speed things along under growing national pressure. They’ve also said that AIMA is approaching the applications strictly chronologically, which seems like a bit of a departure from SEF’s approach.


I knew what you meant, so no offense taken. :smiling_face:

In hindsight, I probably should have worded my response differently, but in a rush. Thank you for your thoughtful concern and the updates as we weren’t aware there were paper submissions. Hoping we all have positive news within the next few weeks. :crossed_fingers:

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Honestly, there is no way to tell. Even my layers said the same thing but as i previously stated they seem more like sales people than lawyers at this point.

Since AIMA stopped releasing statistics, there is no real way to make sure that the progress has increased. Possibly 1-2 law firms have had all their client apps cleared but there is still no way to say about the full backlog.

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I found that, on this chat, the first post for a Dec ‘21 application receiving pre-approval was made on September 22, 2022. So, it has taken the slow coaches 1.5 years to clear Dec’ 21 applications (which is still unsure) . Although I know that there were multiple changes with the laws, yet this kind of drag work is unmatched. Someone contact the Guinness Records guys.

So, if my lawyer tells me they are now moving on to June ‘22, it doesn’t excite me. Esp since some people here have mentioned that June’ 22 also has similar volume to Dec '21, I just assume that I will be waiting for pre-approval till the end of this year at the least. If not much more. Spread the cheer :slight_smile:

I really doubt June 2022 is even close to as bad as Dec 2021. People had no urgency to apply after Dec, so it is possible the monthly average for Jan-Jun was actually lower than normal months before PT changed the real estate rules.

Yes, June has Jan-Jun worth of applications all at once, but I would put money on it being very unlikely June is worse than December.

I will now prepare to be sorely disappointed :joy:

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Dec 31st pulled forward most of the application, I agree, I can’t imagine there were many application in the first few months of 2022.

I applied in July 2022 so in the same boat and maybe the reason for my wishful thinking above :slight_smile:

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I contacted my lawyer to ask roughly what percentage of his backlog has been cleared from 2021. He said that they had roughly 20% of their 2021 pre-approvals (obviously from December 2021) still outstanding. In absolute numbers, he was estimating around 20-25 clients still awaiting pre-approvals in the December 2021 backlog.

I think celebrations around the December 2021 backlog clearance are a bit too premature - more patience required from us all to see 2021 applications through before 2022 processes can begin!


Thank you for taking trouble to get the data point !

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Dear all, answers from the lawyer that i asked,

  • Do you have an estimation on when our application will be finalized? It was July’22.

Regarding the Golden Visa application, the same is still being analysed by AIMA (cfr. attached) and it shall take a few months to have any update on this matter. We expect to see some improvements and a recovery from the current backlog within the next couple of months, taking into account the efforts and additional resources this new agency (AIMA) is implementing. For example, within the next couple of months, in terms of validations, we shall see a substantial “jump” of around 6/7 months, as on 2022 the number of GV applications submitted during the entire year were much less in comparison to the last 3/4 months of 2021. We believe we will have some updates on your golden visa application around summer 2024 but we will let you know once this happens.

  • Is there any update for initial card issuance fee? Or same as you mentioned? It was approximately €5,800 /per person. We want to be well prepared for the costs.

Currently the fees for the issuance of the first residency card is of € 5,797.58 (per applicant).

Not yet, I am afraid. We still need to wait a few more months to have these changes duly published.


No activity here for a while :confused:


maybe AIMA is processing Jan-May 2022 applications in realtime? :joy:

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