Be interviewed by a PhD student studying digital nomads

Hello NomadGate community!

My name is Melanie Prengler. I’m a passionate explorer and have traveled around Europe as a solo female traveler. My curiosity about the world and how people work has led me to pursue a PhD in Organizational Behavior at Texas A&M University. I’m in my third year of the program and have found that there is almost nothing in our academic literature about digital nomads - shocking to me, given the proliferation of the movement and its revolutionary relevance to how work is structured. I’m conducting qualitative research interviews 1-2 hours in length to understand more about the day-to-day lives, motivations, and pros and cons of this lifestyle.

I am not a marketer, but a researcher, and my desire to connect with the community is academic rather than financial. Interviewees’ identities would be kept completely confidential and would only be known to my and my co-authors, Dr. Anthony Klotz and Dr. Chad Murphy. This is a study that has been approved by the Institutional Review Boards at Texas A&M University and Oregon State University, an entity designed entirely to protect participants.

If you’re interested, please feel free to message me here, or email me at

Looking forward to hearing your stories!

Best, Melanie