Best areas for buying a property in 2022 for GV

I know Lisbon, Porto and Algarve are no longer available. But we are interested in any other good locations where we can buy a property for GV. A decent city or something closer to multiple nice golf courses. It seems some areas just north of algarve are a possibility. We would also want to rent it out but it’s not a requirement.

If there are any suggestions I’d greatly appreciate some input.


For us, we settled on Evora city center. We thought the rental potential was high with the university, the businesses, and the fact that it is a world heritage site so they are not going to be knocking down buildings to put up bigger ones. It is considered interior and low density so we were able to do a 280,000 euro renovation investment.

Thank you. We will look at Evora for sure.

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Three is a good project there for Gvisa.

E ora is a good city with the university and so on.

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Would you mind telling more about this? I’m very interested in doing the same. Did you find the property yourself or through a GV agency? Also how did you learn about Evora’s long-term prospects of real estate appreciation and make sure that you’re not overpaying per sq/m? Thank you!

@kp123456 We built this property search tool that tells you if a certain address/part of Portugal qualifies in 2022 and onward. Maybe it can be useful when searching for properties.


Thank you!

@kp123456, there are several amazing areas to invest in Portugal for your golden visa. However, I’d point out a few variables before making a consideration.

Before beginning, I’d like to point out that I represent TLG (real estate developer and fund asset manager)

  1. Geography, this is very important because of the fact that not all areas in Portugal grow at the same rate. Let’s be honest, some areas have actually depreciated in value because they only appreciated due to hype and not actual infrastructure development or any significant economic boost from the government or private entities. So, if you’re looking for a safe exit at the end of the 5 year term, I strongly suggest in the metropolitan cities vs. interior regions.

  2. Yield, this is sometimes underestimated by GV investors because the main goal is GV and not returns so people tend to settle for low returns. Thats completely ok if you do so but remember that there are costs of entry apart from the investment itself and so very important to recover the costs so you’re not eating up your equity when the investment product you’ve associated is not producing a strong return. Costs like IMT, IMI, AIMI, maintenance, replacement, legal, accounting, govt. etc etc. can really bulge your investment so it’s important for you to consider a good yielding product that appreciates in value overtime.

  3. Most important - Team. This is the single most important factor in considering your investment because your experience as a foreigner can heavily divert if you cannot trust the team you’re working with. So more important that area, if you’ve hired the wrong team to work with you and you. So I strongly suggest interviewing as many people as you possible can to know their experience in the market, both local and international and truly see if your value systems match. This is going to be a long 5-7 yr relationship especially if you don’t plan to move here.

More happy to answer any questions on this subject and guide you from our personal and professional experience.