Biometrics for Renewals

Thanks @minimaxr - very helpful. At least it is a welcome step in the right direction by SEF, even if it doesn’t become standard procedure in the ensuing years. Fingers crossed they will come to see it as a useful way to speed things up and actually adopt it as standard going forward.

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I’ve been tracking the status on the SEF site and it went today to “Aceite - Em instrução” after having been in "awaiting payment"and “processing”. The “accepted” part of today’s message looks promising, but does anyone have knowledge of what "Em instrução"refers to more than the plain translation of “in instruction”?



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Same here, looking good indeed…

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Same here, status changed late on Friday. But translating longer phrases containing “em instrução” like this one from the ARI manual leads to a different meaning than “in instruction”.

“relativa a casos concretos em instrução, após a respetiva decisão pela entidade competente” → “relating to specific cases under investigation, after the respective decision by the competent authority”.

Looks like there’s still some way to go before the printers get their instructions :disappointed:

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I just checked the status and it went from “Aceite - Em instrução” to “Concluído” (“Completed”) for all family members. During the weekend! I hope it means what I think it means :sweat_smile:

@skippy.fluff @IME can you please check?


Thanks for the feedback, @minimaxr
Same status here as well, showing “Concluído”.
So basically it took one week in total for the renewal, 5 days plus 48 hours for the DUC to be activated. I am impressed!


How much is the renewal payment?

For renewal, SEF fees are €3235.96 per person

Im doing this my myself and things have just got more complicated…
I was going to wait a while, for various reasons and renew in about 3 months time.
But, an incredibly efficient lawyer who I used for something else but not my application, jumped onto the renewal and sent me my DUC to be paid in 8 days for the value of €3235.96, I was quite upset because I didn’t want to renew just yet, but also very nervous of becoming lost in the system if if didn’t use this renewal.
I was now on the ARI portal, in the billing section under documents there was a new item “renewal”, I thought this was the same DUC my lawyer had sent me so I issued it but now it was only for €2696.30 (missing the €539.66 Analysis fee).
So right now I have 2 active DUCs for different amounts. The one I can see on my profile is for €2696.30 not €3235.96.
Has anyone experienced this?
When has the renewal DUC for €3235.96 appeared on your ARI portal profile?

It will be automatically sent to the registered email as soon as you submit the request for “renovação automática”

I checked my ARI profile (clicked on the Euro icon on the top right) and there are no new items, only the two original invoices for the first card, years ago.

I’m not sure why you went to the ARI portal in the first place, the online automatic renewal is through a different portal which has nothing in common with the ARI portal. This renewal portal and workflow is common for all residence permit holders, not just ARI holders. One needs to create fresh accounts here by providing an email address, password, expired permit number and date of birth, and the email/password can be different from the one on ARI.

I guess your lawyer has done this registration already on your behalf and submitted the renewal request, which is when you get the DUC for €3235.96. A copy of the DUC is sent to the email address (which your lawyer has registered). This is the one which needs to be paid for automatic online renewal.

(I have no idea about the other one for €2696.30 on the ARI site.)

You can ask your lawyer for the credentials, login on, look at the application details (click on Application History, then the details). You can track the status here. The page after login looks like this

So there is a new document on the new portal ( which my lawyer set up) does the status of this document change on this new renewal portal?

Yes, it changes, see the last few days of posts in this thread.

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Yeah, I wondered if it is possible to register the same residencce card under 2 separate email addresses (one by you and one by your lawyer). It sounds like that is what happened here if I understand correctly. And it can lead to problems like this?

This is a screenshot from my ari.

But if I understand correctly. I pay the Duc from the second website (not ari) and the status from the above entries will be updated on that website… is that correct?

Mine now says “Pedido em Processamento”. I’m traveling, so I don’t have access to the family ones.

Congrats on being “Concluído”–fingers crossed mine shifts to that sometime soon.



Would you be able to share the name of your incredibly efficient lawyer via DM? They seem like unicorns at the moment…

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Hello all,

I submitted payment for my family last week and it was showing on Saturday:-

Pedido em Processamento

But today again it’s showing that waiting for the payment!!
Even mine was showing concluded last week but now it’s showing pedido em processamento while my family is showing waiting for the payment!!

Has anybody experienced the same??

Damn. Mine was ‘Completed’ as of a few hours ago and now it’s back to ‘Accepted - in instruction’ :man_shrugging:

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Same situation here but even family status is showing waiting for the payment