Business account for US company in UK

What banking solutions are available for a US company with no UK company established to have a business account in UK to cater domestic payments both receive and send.
Is a UK director mandatory? Trying to keep it US to avoid dual taxation


If you are having EIN number for your LLC (I supposed Delaware you are having registered), you wouldn’t have no problem to open business account at TransferWise. Procedure opening business account can be done in few days, of course if KYC was approved by TransferWise.

After you complete successfully and account opened you will get European IBAN (Belgian I think)

For any further question that you may have, please do not hesitate to ask.

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I already have a transferwise account
I am unsure about the limits and all. Because traditional bank accounts are different
Do i need to register a company in UK but that adds an additional tax liability

When you have been submited application for opening TransferWise account you are for sure fulfill KYC and said how much money you will have turnover. Just be compliance with it.

I dont know why should you need UK company?