Citizenship for under 18 Boletim de vacinas

Tomas, You are correct. These are the requirements. But what about the GV applicants? They aren’t full time living in Portugal, so their minor children too aren’t going to study in Portugal. There should be a way around this requirement which is acceptable.

Citizenship for GV applicants has always been more of a side effect than something the government actually wants. Of course if you actually live in PT you can get citizenship. If you don’t, getting it is a loophole to begin with…

If that’s the case, then the government shouldn’t dangle that carrot to lure investments into the country.

The carrot dangling was more by lawyers, real estate agents, etc that profit off the Golden Visa, than by the government per se.


This is not correct. You just need the residence permit for 5 years, you dont need to physically prove you are in Portugal for 5 years.