Comparison chart Golden Visa vs Visa D7 in Portugal

Hi, here I made comparison chart, maybe it will be useful for people who start to look at the different options about Residence in Portugal. I will be happy to get see your comments if all is clear


i’m considering d7. from what i’ve seen spouses and minor children can be added. about other relatives i don’t know.

Greetings & thank you much!

Thank you, that is true. So it is not precise correct in chart. In Golden Visa you can add also parents above 65.

Thanks for the chart. I wasn’t paying attention to how MUCH it costs to get (GV) Permanent Residency until now. Seems like so unnecessary high. Am I correct that the $7,450 includes a $7000 for Permanent Residency and the rest is for applying for citizenship?

If it’s so high and one is applying for citizenship right at 5 years (and knowing that it can take 1 year to 2 to get citizenship approved), wouldn’t the alternative is to renew the Golden Visa again for 2 years and pay $2668,20 (instead of $7000)?