EU citizen, currently residing in Asia, best place for (EU)residency?


German citizen here. Currently in Indonesia with no intention to return to Germany in the coming months.
I currently study and am not dependent on local income.

I’m so far still a German tax resident, but don’t really see much sense in continuing to be, as taxes are high and I’m paying taxes on my stock market investments.

Therefore want to move my tax residency soon. To not pay taxes with my German brokers, I would need a Certificate of Residency from the new country I’m residing in.

Country wise, Indonesia won’t work as far as I know, as I’m here on a short term business visa.
I think keeping EU residency would be beneficial for me at this point and Ireland and Malta look good.
Just right now it doesn’t really make sense for me to fly to there and do rent a place and do things onsite due to Covid etc. Also I don’t really wanna spend much time in the EU at the moment.

Are there some good options for me to get an official residency in my situation, short of closing my German brokerage accounts and moving everything offshore?
I would still have to provide my tax ID and the German ministry of finance might not like seeing me not being a tax resident as I’m unregistered, but banks reporting that I have foreign investment accounts, where tax is not automatically withheld for them.

I can get a South American passport fairly easy and would like to visit soon.
I just struggle a bit with the 180 day requirement to stay in the country(ies).

How do you guys do this?

I think you really have to accept that 180 day requirement.

You can of course travel around, not living anywhere officially, and not pay tax. But from what I heard your home country can have a surprise for you if you decide to go back one day.

I am Dutch, but live in Thailand, and pay 0% income tax. But I can prove that I spend most of my time here, much more than the required 180 days a year.

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Just seeing this.

I guess you’re right. Unless I set myself up in UAE or Georgia with their High Networth option, but that is both a bit too expensive for me at the moment.