Getting Dubai residency through Remote From program in 2021. Who else is in the city?

Hey gang!

Any other people going through Remote From Dubai program or have completed it? Would love to hear your experience and how did you settle down in the city.

I’m currently on final stages of receiving UAE ID and have my visa stamped for a whole year. Writing a detailed guide on the whole process and will be publishing it soon on my page. Having other people’s experience would be great to give more objective overview of the process.

Also, ping me if you are already in the city. Would be cool to hangout once fully vaccinated :wink:

Hey Naz Avó,

Thanks for sharing details of this programme. It looks very interesting and it may be exactly what I need.

Looking forward to hearing about your your progress when you publish it.

Good luck,

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Update! I’ve finished and published a detailed guide last night. It’s a lot more “practical” than what’s advertised on the official site :slight_smile: The guide is available here:

Happy to hear your stories as well! I’ve made a section in the guide for “tips from other nomads” where we could put together useful and non-obvious tips that would save other people time.


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