Golden Visa Online Renewal

Hi guys, does anyone know if SEF opened automatic renewals for GVs for cards that expire in the second quarter? Many Thanks!

Not yet. There is a few of us in the same boat. Check the Biometrics for renewal thread, you will find some more information there.

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Everyone who has applied or is thinking about applying for the ARI/Golden Visa program of Portugal, We urgently need your help!

The rights of immigrants to Portugal are being threatened. At this point proposed laws seek to revoke the rights of ARI (residence by investment ) applicants , but any category of immigrants could be next. Please sign this petition sponsored by PAIIR asap . If the group of Portuguese industry and legal leaders obtain 7,500 signature the group will secure the right to participate in parliamentary discussions about the bill and represent it’s members and us.

Please help before it’s too late. To join the petition you need you name, email and NIF or identification residence card or passport number) .

Obrigado pela ajuda.

I think online renewals are now until 30 June!

ARI included:


Hi all, for anyone who has already done an online renewal, how long did you wait for your new card to arrive? Especially anyone who renewed Q3.
I did my first renewal in November as soon as the Q4 online applications opened. My lawyer said the card could take 1-3 months because of the changes at SEF. Is that right?