[Guide] Opening a bank account in Georgia

Did they focus much on where you were born and how was the facta form Tuatini? I am going soon to open up a account in Georgia soon. Do have any tips such as branch or best method to open an account there?

No, they didn’t ask many questions at all… if any lol.
I was so surprised that I forced myself to tell them how much money I’d put in the account and where that money came from lol (in fact they will ask you via email if they receive a large chunk of money from you).

I was born in French Polynesia, a country unknown by many. If they don’t care to check what is that country I don’t think they will care for you.

What’s great and what was important for me also was the ability to communicate via writing, I don’t want to call them for every request I have. In fact, they provide just that and you can do pretty much any operation by just writing them a message and they always responded in 24h.

For the branch go directly to their head office, that’s easier imo: https://goo.gl/maps/5ca7qZvwU1Fj1fFb8

What Kind of account can I open with say $500? How did you recive your bank card with your printed name on it? Sent it to your hotel aresss? Did you go to the head office? …and thanks for your tips and guaidence

I’ve stayed 2 weeks in the country just in case I needed to go back to the back for the card of any demand which required my physical presence.

If I recall correctly I asked for my Visa gold on the same day I opened my account, then just went back to the bank with a ticket on the next day in the afternoon to get the card with my name on it.

I opened my account with less than $500, I asked them for an “Universal account” but it seems they opened me a “GAMARJOBA account” instead. If you have more than $30 000 to store, open directly a Status account. You can’t do it remotely, that’s my biggest mistake, now I’ll have to fly back to the country to change my bank account to “Status”.

Does the Universal account require a minimum amount?
To get the card they let you pick it up from the bank itself by showing your airfare ticket? Did you use a local adress or your home country?

You may want to check that directly on their website in the “fees for individual” section

Not an airfare ticket, they gave me a ticket the day I opened my account so I can present it to the same branch on the next day to retrieve my visa card

I think they just took my address on my passport, then I just went on my online account to change it.

Well, this is exactly what I was saying… If you have possibility indeed it’s better if you go there in person. Georgia is amazing country and the cost of life is relatively cheap. Average salary in Georgia is USD 165 (GEL 500). Bnb prices in the city centre of Tiblisi are as low as USD 7-15 p/night. For food I spend around USD 20 p/ day and ate in good quality restaurants. There are cheap direct flights to Tiblisi (Check Wizzair & Ryanair).

Hi Alec you opened your bank account remotely or travelled there to open it ?

I am just preparing documents to go through POA process for TBC, advised they accept notarycam.com

will see if I get my fingers burnt :smiley: