GV application thru hotel investment

Hi, I bought 2 rooms from a hotel worth around 350k, lawyer and developers said it is qualified for gv application.

I bought it in full early October. However, lawyer said I need to wait for certidão permanente and caderneta predial. It is now in early dec, Is it normal I need to wait for so long to get the 2 documents? The lawyer said the ownership is not yet able to search thru an online portal? Am I getting cheated?

Dear Mr. Jimsunlui,

I don’t know your exact situation, neither the state of the Hotel construction.

You have two types of register.

One is the caderneta predial which should be updated at the Portuguese tax authority after the public deed of the property is signed.

The other is the certidão permanente which usually is updated on the day of the public deed by the notary or by the lawyer afterwards. This is done at the Portuguese land register office and will also state the new owner of the property.

Usually It is only possible to do both registers once the building is in the final state of the construction and the horizontal property (division of the property into fractions) has been granted.

Provisional registers are allowed at land register office (ex. Promissory notes).

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If the project is an existing building with a Propriedade Horizontal then it is possible. However, if you are referring to the property in Lagos, then this developer has been moving dates constantly, has delayed payments to suppliers and so you do need to be careful. Have you gone to deed or are you still at promissory contract stage?

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Can you specify which developer and which hotel. i know 4 star hotel in lagos who offers gv for 350, as far as i know, they suppose to start in december, haven’t they?

Finally, I got the 2 register, and just submitted the gv application yesterday. Thanks all for your clarification.

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