How to Build Your Own Virtual Phone in Minutes

(Thomas K. Running) #13

That is great! I’ve tried that in the past, but Google rejected it.

I’d recommend anyone to grab a Google Voice number this way ASAP while the workaround is still working :rocket:


(Tak) #14

Virtual # sometimes works: it seems Google is not perfect. On the other hand, there are so many app for free transient numbers. So you can randamly try to get pass code and get GV # under VPN tunnel to US. Be sure to have google account in the US and one US number for call forward GV. Then, you could receive GV via Plivo, skype number, etc all over the world. ie. Plivo
If you use security app ie Kaspersky, that send you location abroad to Google and you will be rejected, so in such cases you had better beat it.


(wischi) #16

Awesome article. I am still looking for a good SIP app to make calls as well. Or do you have any other suggestions for making calls with your new number.

Be careful when using a US number as a way to receive TAN numbers by SMS. Banks might see it as a indicator that you are related to the US in some way and might require you to fill out a extended FACTA form.

Better use a UK number, sounds like a better option.

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(Tranquilledusoir) #17

The plivo website requires a ‘‘workemail’’. I only have personal email (Gmail) that are not accepted by the site. I tried to register in an office 365 email, same symptoms. Any idea?


(Thomas K. Running) #18

Did you try to sign up for free a forwarding address? Perhaps it will accept that?


(Tranquilledusoir) #19

Thanks. I will try this one and let you know.


(Tranquilledusoir) #20

It worked for subscription. Thanks so much. By the way happy new year 2019!

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(Filo Vaga Bundo) #21

For me it is not working at all, i’m trying to redirect a Australian phone number ( provider: boost) on a Madagascar phone number (orange) trough a US virtual number, but the call fall straight away


(Thomas K. Running) #22

Is the call showing up in your Plivo log?


(Filo Vaga Bundo) #23

I would say no… i have only two calls that i really don’t understand in my logs. One inbound directed to my virtual number, the other one outbound directed to my madagascar number.

I attached the screenshot


(Thomas K. Running) #24

Looks like you’ll need to whitelist calls to Madagascar. See:


(Julius Pe) #25

I just received an email from Plivo saying that my account violates the Terms of Service.
I only have two numbers there that I used (since a month) as described in the article.
It worked really well so far (maybe around 20sms).

Does anyone else have issues with Plivo?
I asked what the problem was, but no answer yet.



(Thomas K. Running) #26

Very strange. I’ve been using them for years with no issue. Curious to know what they tell you…


(TF) #27

@wischi I use Zoiper for SIP calls and it works well enough (on Android).


(Julius Pe) #28

Basically they just wanted a proof of address and of my business registration. Once I´ve sent that in, and they approved it, it was all sorted.
Strange tho that they didn´t ask for it at any point, just sent me an email with the title “Notice: Termination of Plivo account”.

All good now tho.


(Mette Glargaard) #29

Thanks for posting this - you just solved my phone problem - next time I go to Denmark, I can set this up and save my clients a lot of grief! :+1:

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(Anthony Gore) #30

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the issues with using Plivo to receive SMS. Maybe it’s due to recent changes from after the author wrote this article, but basically it won’t work for SMS verification in many cases.

I set up a Plivo number and got the email forwarding working, but when I tried to add the number to my Paypal account it wouldn’t work.

I asked Plivo support and got this reply:

“We would like to inform you that receiving verification codes on virtual numbers from various websites like Google, Instagram, Twitter etc., are not guaranteed as they get blocked by the providers. We would recommend you to use a valid mobile sim card number for receiving verification codes.”

So, basically, it’s useless for SMS two-factor authentication, which is my main issue. Any other solutions out there?


(Peter L) #31

I have a problem merely signing up with Plivo with my valid e-mail address of my own business. Any suggestions?


(Thomas K. Running) #32

Someone else had success signing up with a address. To get one (it’s free), go here:


(Filo Vaga Bundo) #33

thanks, actually all africa was blocked, i think it will work now