HOW-TO: GV Automatic Online Renewal Procedure (Jan 2023→)

Why I said “for Portugal”. You’ll need to travel on your passport.

But I’m reacting to your statement that “ARI holders might not be able to renew automatically anymore”. Nothing like that appears to be going on. You were just trying to renew before the portal was open for your expiration date.

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Online renewals seem to be live now!


And now the server is down.

The website crashed yesterday but try again, it worked fine after trying several times.

All good now


Glad to hear they are still doing online renewals. Congrats all!


Hello everyone,
My card expires on September 30th. If I do the renewal on July 30th, will the new expiry date be July or September 30th 2025?
Thanks for the great news.

Based on my friend auto renewal experience in Q1 this year, the new ARI issuance/expiry date is a few days after payment.


Hi Roger,
So the card gets issued a few days after payment which is great. But what about the expiry date of the new card? Is it two years after issuance date or two years after the expiry of the old card. In my case as mentioned above those two dates are different.

It sounded like he answered pretty clearly that the new expiration date is based on when you pay, not from the expiration of the previous card

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Valid for two years from the issuance date, same DATE (but different YEAR) as issuance and expiry.


Thanks for confirming Roger. Might as well wait a bit then, I’ll discuss with my lawyer.

Hi all,
Has anyone who is renewing this quarter noticed a change in status?
Still showing “aguarda pagamento” here despite having paid already…

Hi Mike,

I applied shortly after you on early morning of July 20 and paid on July 21st. I’m also showing ‘Awaiting Payment.’ I’m checking every day but supposedly this is not totally unusual phenomenon.

Same with initial DUC payments, paid on July 19th but still no status change on the portal…

Same here, it’s been 3 days since the payment has been made. I did check with my bank manager and he did confirm that the payment being successful, All i have to do is to wait for another 3 working days, before asking him to raise an internal ticket.

Definitely something wrong with the website…

I’m going to wait for about a week since I made payment, and I’ll send them proof of payment and ask for confirmation if they received my money. That’s my plan as that’s all I can do.

The status for my DUC in question has turned to ‘pago’, after I’ve chased SEF by email.
So that’s 7 calendar days from payment to receipt.

Thanks for heads up tommigun. I’m going to send an e-mail to SEF on Day 6 since payment, and hope that moves things along.