International Health Insurance for Expatriate

Hi everyone,

My name is Loic and I am based in Belgium right now. I am thinking about to move to brazil next year to live with my girlfriend.

I am a bit worried about not having the same level of protection when it comes to health. Belgium as a European country as fairly good healthcare system, it’s cheap, you get reimburse for a lot of things, I basically never had to worry about health being expensive in my whole life.

But now that I will move out of Europe, I would like to know more about International Health Insurance for Expatriate.

Do you know any good insurance company providing full reimbursement for every day healthcare, such a visit to the general practitioner, to the dentist or even subscription glasses. But also for major health problem such as a heavy surgery or something like that.

If you read until here, thank you for taking that time! If you can advise me anything, you would be of great help to me!

Here is the article about expatriate health insurance:

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I lived in BR for few years, consulting a doctor at a Centro de Saude was free in S.C. Dentist was way cheaper than in my country. Since treatment quality for heavier cares depends much on the Private clinics you will find in your area, You d need to investigate there once you pick up a state. Public health institutions are not well supported by the gov and lack of many things…all depends which city you ll be.
contact @ did mention they would cover me for some expat overseas medical needs but I havent contracted their services…yet, but thinking of doing so…(havent find another one)
As for driving arround south am with a BR car, you can do so and contract an Axa insurrance from BR - required at borders.
Cuba and Ecuador are said to have good specialist in case you d need their services so it could be worth being treated (for planned oper)…in some nearby country rather than the one you d live.
This is a comon way to look for better treatments among natives if you can afford the trip…


I have a company in Brazil and lived there for years, but I gave up. Now I am back in Europe.

check this link:

You must require a CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) otherwise you can bearly survive in Brazil.
If you don’t have a CPF you are not allowed to buy a mobile chip or sign contracts for example.
To survive its necessary that you speaking portuguese, there are very few that talks english.
What is your plans to survive? Do you have an employment waiting? Or are you planning to run a business? Be prepared that everything is extremely complicated, a bureaucracy that is granit massive. To rent an office for example, you must have CPF, you must have a address and prove that you are living somewhere, then you must have your CPF and signature registered in a Cartorio. Every contracts you need to sign, your signature must be approved by that Cartorio, if not you will not be allowed to sign the contract. And the landlord signature must also be approved and his/hers signature may be regostered at another Cartorio. But before they are approved you must have contract from energy company, and you have to be prepared that previous tenant hasnät payed the energy bill and you are demanded to pay that bill, otherwise you will not have the contract (it happened to me). When all contracts are approved by Cartorio you need to return to the energy company and show the contracts, then you have the energy contract signed and approved and can show them for the landlord.
This is the reality in Brazil. Be prepared, their system is completely different from European system and everything they do is always unnecessary complicated. If you planning to run a business be prepared to pay bribes, if not you will never have your business uprunning. Believe me, I tried in 10 years. I never payed bribes and therefore never got any orders. If you going to rent a car, be careful. You must check EVERYTHING together with a representative from the company. Don’t forget to check if the spare tyre is onboard, if not you will probably be charged for theft of it. That happened to me and my partner. It cost us 400,00 reais more. Brazilians (not everyone, but many) are doing everything they can to cheat you on money, you are a Gringo in their eyes. If you need to have your care repaired, stay with it while they make reparation. Otherwise your car will leave the garage more bad than when it arrived. I have that experience as well. And what ever you do, never argue with a police officer.
Good luck with your future,

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro (a long time ago). It was underdeveloped, but a nice place to live. Very nice. This changed drastically during the last 50 years. I left Brazil with my family in the 90’s - there was no more future there and not a place I would like to leave my descendants. The Dunderhake info is pertinent. You have been warned.