Introduce yourself! 👋

(Tranquilledusoir) #191

Hello my name is clement,
I’m French, 38 and left my management position in an office work mid July 2018 to began a nomadic life.
I just passed my Padi Diving Instructor diploma in Philippines in December 2018.
I plan to start an online business and invest in high potential online companies.
Great to see all the tips for travelers.
I already answered most of the questions by myself before living France this summer. I wish I found this community earlier.


(William Davis) #192

I’m william. Tired of being rooted again. Want to travel again, see new places, and live with less. Been happy being married, and hope to stay that way, but miss my freedom. Want to convince her that the freedom is better than the stability that she thinks we have. Reality is, we aren’t that stable financially, and are slaves to our bosses. Looking for ideas on a way out✌

(Danielle Hill) #193


I’m from the US but enjoy living somewhat nomadically, :earth_americas: largely in Europe. I’m a freelancer and I was particularly drawn to NomadGate because of the wonderfully thorough information here about Portugal and their Golden Visa program.

Thanks! :grinning:

(Evan Bayless) #194

Hello, everyone!

I grew up outside Chicago and am fortunate that my dad is an airline pilot - I caught the travel bug very young. I just started working for a fully-remote company so I am considering going nomadic. Some of my favorite places are:

  • New York :us:(where I currently live)
  • Bali :indonesia:
  • Chiang Mai :thailand:
  • Berlin :de:
  • Mexico City :mexico:

Hoping to find some help on this forum for all the questions I have about nomadic life (and the many questions which will pop up in the future!). Especially concerned about social life / making friends while living around the world.


(Cynthia) #195

I’m Cynthia. My husband and I live in Toronto, Canada. We are thinking about purchasing a second home in southern Europe and Lisbon seems to be the ideal location.

I would like to take up your offer on introducing to an independent broker who can help us to move the matter forward.

(Jay Dax) #196

Hi y’all!

I’m Jay, originally from :uk: but a :earth_americas: traveller, have spent the last decade or so in :australia: :new_zealand:

Just about to head back up to Europe :portugal: Lisbon. Plan to digital nomad or see whats about really

I have already sorted out NIF and residence but there are still a few things I could do with guidence on.

Favourite places are:

  • Berlin :de:
  • Chile :chile:
  • Maui :us_outlying_islands:

Hoping to find some guys and gals in Lisbon and tech geek Nomads…

(Steve H) #197

Hello Everyone :smiley:, Glad that I found Nomad Gate :heart_eyes:, hope it can help gain the knowledge and information that I need to move to Portugal :portugal: from Russia :ru:. I’ve been working as an ESL teacher for the last 7 years here in the wonderful city of Kazan {considered the Sports :soccer: Capital of Russia). I love the freedom of traveling :airplane: and seeing new places, meeting people :wave:, making friends in other lands :mount_fuji: :cityscape: :european_castle: :hotsprings: :railway_track:, it’s a real high. I hope to retire soon which will give me a lot of flexibility to enjoy my passion of seeing the world :earth_africa:

The book that I"m currently reading is - Hamlet’s Mill

But I think one of my all time favorite books is - Shantaram

(Ritch Morris) #198

Hi there! I’m Ritch from England but have been living anywhere but that island last couple years. Staying in central or south Europe and sometimes Asia, working as an editor and brand management consultant. My favorite places are Greece, Vienna, and Vietnam - each one of them for a different reason as you can probably imagine… :slight_smile:

The one book that is always laying somewhere around my night table is “The art of thinking clearly” which is a nice collection of reminders of how we are continually being tricked by ourselves.

(anon24198840) #199

Hi Yall!
My Name Is Na$h An Estonia Business owner From Sweden, Just joined this forum.
Looking Forward To Some Good Times Whit Yall And To Learn Some New Stuff As Well As I Will Do My Best To Give You The Best Of My Kniowledge, Best regards / Nashliqz (Noreiainvest 21:CE)

(Jovan) #200

Hi Everyone!
Jovan here from ZA, working on becoming a digital nomad. Here for all the tips and tricks.

(Akachi Aniche) #201

Hello everyone, I am Akachi originally from West Africa. I have spent sometime in Dubai, Finland, Stockholm, UK and US. I currently work for a top tier European Telecom company. I came here seeking ways to reduce bank charges while travelling the world. I am happy to be here.

(Ali Raza ) #202

Hi their my name is Ali I have a great Experiance while I visit the Portugal Lisbon which is more like beautiful place ever I have seen the people’s are great and so friendly looking forward to see again

(Laurence) #203

Hello people. my name is Laurence and i didn’t think to myself as a Nomad but life point me in that direction and i am still trying to find the meaning of this!
Actually my two books on the shelf are Theory of Semiotics and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Cheers :smile:

(Adam Warner) #204

Hello! My name’s Adam and I’ve been travelling and working online for about two years now. I’m currently based in Kampot, Cambodia, but plan to move on shortly. I work as a freelance writer, although, I’ve been working with a single client for quite a while now, developing content for a large technology website. I’m excited to join this community and to get to know some of you!

(Miyako Ueki) #205

Hello. I am Miyako. I was brought up in quiet North East Japan near rice farm community. Past 20 years I have been living in San Francisco. I am an accountant. To balance my conservative job, it is almost a requirement for me to go for live music or dance. 60’s garage/psych rock/Jazz/kraut rock/house/soul/funk and occasional punk rock are cup of my tea. I have not been traveling so much because of my job. Hampi in India, Kauai island and Santa Fe in New Mexico are my top places. I place heavy value in spirituality. I subconsciously seek spiritual connection with people, places, music, food, culture, food and many more things that I cross path. I am very happy to find this community to explore my options abroad. I am planning to buy a property in Porto, Portugal in next few months and see what unveils in front of me. I will need pick everyone’s brain to make this happen. I saw few posting from people who are interested in moving or buying properties in Portugal. I would love to connect with all of you with any information you have and I will love to share useful information to others. If anyone has questions about Japan, I may be able to help. Cheers!! :wine_glass:

(Shawn ) #206

Ello all.
I’m H207. The H is for my family name and 207 is because I’m from Maine and that is the area code. #MrClever :man_scientist:

I’ll have questions and comments related to e-commerce/ offshore legit business structures for US citizens and travel, in the future. For now, it’s nice to meet you all and enjoy the day.

(Sofie Dürrfeld) #207

Hi! :raising_hand_woman:
My name’s Sofie, and I live as digital nomad with my boyfriend.
We are currently looking for a place to set up our company and have our residency.

I love to travel and play chess. :airplane: :chess_pawn:
Looking forward to get to know other digital nomads!

(Francesca Fuller) #208

Greetings everyone, WOW, This was really confusing trying to find the “reply”, or maybe it’s just me.
Intro: My partner and I are retiring to Portugal, from Vashon Island WA, (we love our island but can’t afford it anymore) hence how we found this site, among others.
We are both artists and looking to get out of this crazy country (so sad), and to an easier way of life with folks you are so helpful, (it’s in their DNA).

And for my first contribution a few items we just found out about.

  1. Portugal Ministry of Foreign Affairs for San Francisco anyway is now going all “on-Line”. They have just updated their application on line, pretty easy to fill out, (blue lines) and we heard back within an hour that it was received and recorded. Next they now have on their website that are doing “mailings” to save folks having to travel. At least that’s what they just put on their site.
  2. Laws in Portugal are in the mist of changing. They are giving owners of apartments a tax break if they can get a 2 year lease. So be aware, also( NOTE here, they are now asking for a year long lease on the residency visa app). This is due to everyone trying to buy buildings and creating “Airbnbs”. Giving the locals some breaks, which I totally get and think it’s great. Portugal is still a very poor country, tech is moving in and hopefully this will help the younger generations and give them a better monthly wage, most folks have to have 2 jobs and work like crazy to pay rent and bills. Rent being almost 50% of their pay check.
    A realtor can usually help you in getting your NIF tax card as they need it for the lease, which has to be recorded for your “residency” visa. Ciao Francesca and Michael.

(Altha 2014) #209

First time on this site looks interesting

(Pavlína Hlavackova) #210

Hi everyone, Pavlina here, a girl from Czech Republic that followed her heart and went living by the ocean. Love the ocean, love writing and creating, love my freedom, love honesty. Standing on my own, living in the now, trusting my gut and trusting life. Currently living in Costa da Caparica, open to new possibilities. Wanna travel the world, live by the ocean, surf, experience life, write, create. Have a beautiful day :dolphin::ocean::butterfly: