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Hi Isobel! I have family in South Africa. Which country would you like to visit first?

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I’m Andrew, and currently living in Rio de Janeiro :mountain: as of this week, after the last six months in Belo Horizonte, Brazil :brazil:

Having spent extended work time in :mozambique: Mozambique, :uk: United Kingdom, :ghana: Ghana, :us: USA, :netherlands: Netherlands, and :south_africa: South Africa I must admit that I’m addicted to the nomadic life and along the way gained the designation as a Global Mobility Specialist, and have become an international insurance professional, representing and also now creating products.

:alarm_clock:I’m most challenged with how to adequately subdivide work and play since work can happen at all times of the day/night due to time zones in international client work. :timer_clock:

:sos: Do you have sugguestions?


G’day everyone, Nick here, West Ozzie, recently moved the family to Europe after getting a job in Asia, been living in the French Alps for the last 1.5 yrs and decided to head back to the beach and surf so ended up in the Algarve Portugal… what a great spot with friendly locals, great sea food and of course good weather!
I started travelling when I was 22 yrs old after my apprenticeship and basically caught the bug and never stopped (even with a family now).
Favorite spots - to many to list but I guess Gulmarg Kashmir, Mentawai’s Indonesia, Chamonix France, Kamchatka Russia, Gnaraloo/ Waroora West Oz…
Luckily my work (Instrument commissioning of large scale industrial processing facilities) also allows the opportunity to travel to far away places, currently in Kazakhstan on the Tengiz Project.
Books- haven’t read one for a while now but Shantaram was great!
Podcast - anything Joe Rogan
I came across this site after searching for info on all things Portugal for NHR, lots of Q’s to be answered with your collective help hopefully.

Thanks n kind regards

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It’s a pleasure to join! I have been an expat since 1994 and generally have been in the US for only a couple of years in the aggregate since that time. Most of my work is in consulting on land issues while recently it has shifted to sustainable tourism. Anyway, good to be here.

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Hello friends. Discovered this community a while ago, but just now joining. California native that has lived (nomadically) in SEA & EU. Wife and I are looking to repatriate to the EU (preferably Portugal or Italy) and currently exploring our options for visas.


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Hi All,

Lolita from Indonesia :indonesia:, a newbie with Nomad life, currently based in London and planning my nomadic life, starting in Amsterdam next month!

I’m a UX designer mostly for startups, hit me up if you’re looking for one! haha :blush: :blush:

excited to join this community and learning from experts how to digi nomad :dancer: :dancing_women: :dancer: :dancing_women: down to grab a pint, cup of coffee to whoever in the same town with me.

Cheers~ :beers:

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Hi! :wave: Found you while researching best banks for international travel. Love the info but wow some is overwhelming! I’m a chef :woman_cook: in LA and travel to Europe frequently. Mom of 4 boys (youngest about to fly - off to his life and college!) Lived in France years ago. And looking forward to more extended trips over the next few years. Nomad life for me in retirement. And I kinda suck at emojis!
Fav place: Italy
Why? Food & wine
Avid reader. Loved too many to pick a fav.
Speak: French, English, Italian


Hi all!

I found you guys while searching for GEAR travel insurance. I’m a Canadian voice over actor who will be travelling down to Honduras in a couple weeks. I’m planning to complete my IDC SCUBA and work in conservation…but for actual MONEY, I’ve got a travel VO rig that will be coming with me.

This is all a big experiment and I’m excited to see how it goes. If I can record on the road and keep my regular clients, I could be gone for a few years, yay!

Will be looking on here for a reply to my query about gear insurance. I’ve got great health/travel insurance (flight delays, baggage etc.) but I’m hooped if my VO gear is stolen or damaged :frowning:


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Hi :slight_smile:
I’m Marcos. I’m a software developer from :brazil:, living in :canada: and recently I’ve realized that I don’t really want to spend my years in a single place. I got a 100% remote job in Canada, but we (wife and I) can’t start our journey around the world just yet, we have past debts to pay (immigrating was not cheap) and we started our plans last week (hopefully in a year or so, we will be ready to start moving things).

So yeah, googling this nomad life brought me here and I hope to learn a lot from other’s experiences and tips :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone I’m Neil, lived all my life in and around East London/Essex UK, although well travelled.
Looking to escape from this catastrophe with my family to the Monchique area of the Algarve.
My wife is Thai naturalised British Citizen and we have 4 children from the age of 15 to the age of 2.
I’m interested in setting up an aquaponics system and to try and become as self sufficient as possible.
We are also looking into setting up a small Thai style noodle bar.
Well that’s me, I would be interested in any tips for opening a small cafe and even if possible getting an alcohol licence.
Kind regards.


Hello and welcome Neil,

Because you are looking to setup an aquaponics system to be self sufficient, I would advise the combination of a flood and drain bed for your fruiting plants and deep water culture beds (being your dominant number of beds) for your vegetables. Consider growing duckweed and using tilapia because the are herbivorous and feeding them with duckweed will reduce most of your feeding cost if not all.

For your mechanical filter, consider using a radial flow filter. For your bio filter, consider using K1 or K3 media. If you don’t mind the high cost, a bead filter would do the job and reduce your physical maintenance form about 30 minutes per week to 30 seconds per week. The use of a venturi in your bio filter and fish tanks are highly encouraged.

Use split flow when setting up the plumbing to ensure you reduce stress for periods you need to shut off any beds or fish tanks for maintenance or repairs. Expanding your system is also easier using split flow.

Consider keeping a small worm farm using pvc containers to make worm castings for your seed starting mix and nursery (assuming you choose to start seeds in soil or want a soilless seed starting mix) . This will also provide you with compost tea and castings you can add to your minerialization tank if you keep one.

Gravel and trays can be used for seed starting (about 400-500 seeds per tray) with water from your system.

Consider having a minerialization tank, it would be one of the best additions to your system. Outside of feeding your system, it can provide you with extra income from sales of high concentrated organic fertilizer you would be producing.

I am sure you will have so many fun moments with your friends and family building and maintaining your aquaponics system. Feel free to reach out if there is any info I can help with.

Enjoy the build of your system…


Hi. I’m Yashen. I currently live 6 months in New Zealand and 6 months in Corfu, Greece. However I’m reaching an age where the 30 hours plus sitting in a plane between places is getting a bit long. Plus, I have a UK passport so this is my last chance to get additional EU residencies lined up. My thinking is to be based in Corfu still, but to escape Corfu in the cold winter and the too hot summer (sorry!! - looking for Goldilocks Isle…). My current choice is Madeira (Portuguese island). But, I need to understand the rules for residency and tax in Portugal soon and get it all done and dusted before 31 December. Looking forward to connecting with community members.

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Thank you for the fantastic indepth info Akan, that is a great help. You must have a great deal of experience, I appreciate you sharing that knowledge.
I am a bit worried that tilapia is not so easily available in Portugal and might not be suited to the climate, even though it is the most popular fish for aquaponics as it can withstand quite a bit of hardship. I will try, though I have heard that some swap for trout in winter.
How big is your system? Do you have photos?
Keep up the good work Akan.
Kind regards

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Awesome… :sunny: :rainbow:
I think I will go to New Zealand first… But I have a longing for Ireland (no idea why)…

I don’t have any suggestions except for … Remember to take care of yourself first :brain: :muscle: :revolving_hearts:, otherwise, you won’t be able to take care of your clients :sneezing_face: :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_head_bandage: :sleeping:!!!
Conclusion = Play 1st :grimacing: :blush: :yum:

You’re welcome Neil, my actual experience comes from owning/running a 3 acre organic farm. Like you, I have interest in starting an aquaponics farm and have invested lots of time and money into my learning. As a result, while I may not have started mine, I am very well educated at all levels (DIY and high end commercial setups).

You are right about tilapia not being easily available in Portugal. In fact, organic aquaculture appears to be reserved for high end customers according to a European Commission report ( report added below). This is an opportunity you can use to make better returns by targeting a few restaurants or hotels for your produce.

The climate in Portugal will not be an issue as it is a lot more pleasant than north Americas (where lots of aquaponics farmers still use tilapia). When you have a system that is over 1,000 liters of system water, you find that you have better stability in temperature and PH. Trout is not a bad replacement for tilapia.

Look at the option of getting your tilapia from the Netherlands as they seem to be the best in closed aquaculture systems in Europe. Specifically look at the YY male tilapia technology (for stocking male only for faster growth, less fighting, better food conversion etc)

I have added a few links to aquaponics commercial farmers near you that you can visit rather than relaying on pictures. One of them grow trout (Bioaqua farm) and another specialize in tilapia (Fishfarm UK) and could have answers for what fish you could use in Portugal.

Hope this helps.



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Howzit Folks! I am a medical doctor, but unable to practise since 2016 due to a chronic pain condition with chronic fatigue. Bit of a bummer, but I try to make things work. From South Africa, Cape Town. I grew up in Port Elizabeth, love the outdoors and the ocean - freediving and snorkeling, surfing etc. Basically anything to do with water except riding a jetski…
Looking at emigrating to Europe in the next few years. You seem to have created a wonderful community. Excited to be able to share ideas and experience. Countries interested in: Portugal.

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Hey guys ! Mona here ! Based in Morocco ! Intuitive therapist and energy healer, artist, writer and cultures lovers. Looking forward to connect !! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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hi all, Mike here, currently in Manila, Philippines and a digital nomad and dad with family in China at the moment (bad timing with Coronavirus)

excited to connect with other digital nomads here. I’m a blogger, vlogger, and podcaster at Global From Asia as well - cheers!

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Hello everyone! :grinning: My name is Reggie and excited to join the Nomad/Gate community. I’ll be traveling abroad :airplane: soon and frequently and need to set up a international bank account for the business here in the US. I saw you recommended Charles Schwab, is that the best bank? Again thanks. Reggie

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