Introduce yourself! 👋

Hi there. Keith here from Zimbabwe. I am a farmer.:corn: I found Nomad Gate when looking into Portugal as am interested in their residency and investment options. My favourite city is Cape Town, South Africa. I can recommend books written by Joel Salatin if you are interested in regenerative agriculture.


Aloha! :sunglasses:

I’m 26 years old, from Germany :de:, and I found my first business in 2015, with literally no idea. :man_facepalming:
I’m interested in basically everything, especially science oriented topics, and I spent big parts of my free time attaining knowledge about the central topics for a successful life; health, personal development, social skills, business.:muscle:
I didn’t graduate from university, I quit high school a year before finishing it. :smirk_cat:

Because of my lack of experience and knowledge I encountered several issues when I fist started my business back in 2015, and eventually had to shut it down. :broken_heart:

However, it was a financial success and the last couple of years I worked on improving the idea and the concept.:bulb:

Now its time to get serious about it. I will move to another country soon, and I came up with a legal structure, basically an executive limited in Hong Kong as subsidiary of a holding in Estonia, which should make a tax free cash-flow possible. :dollar:

I registered here because I will surely need some external opinions and advice for it and for future developments. It seems really nice here, I’m looking forward to a fertile exchange. :seedling:



Hi guys! :slight_smile:

I am Antonio, 35 year old Italian living in Finland :finland:

I am trying to make the transition from office-tied to self-employed, and I am in the process of setting up an Estonian company for an e-commerce project. While I was looking for precious information on the e-residency program I found this website/community. Happy to be part of it :slight_smile:

If you find yourself in Helsinki, send me a message! :wink:

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Hi all, my name is Aarif.

Born in London :uk:, and 44 years old.
Started traveling right after Uni (1998) and was living, traveling and working in various places, mostly Japan :jp:, where I lived on and off for nearly 2 decades.

Sometime during that time, my parents retired in Goa, India :india: (as we are of Indian origin with OCI visa status) and I have moved here for a while to help out with family health issues stuff.

Currently working as a translator and also building an eCom store, and came across this site while researching on how best to make this freelance / self-employed / business owner lifestyle work for the present and the future, and especially for things like banks / payment gateways for my soon-to-be-finished site. If anyone has knowledge about that please do get in touch!!

This site has given me a lot of useful information and also confirmed some of my other decisions through independent research as well - thank you!

Longer-term, will be living in / around SE Asia, and currently looking at Malaysia as a next destination for lifestyle, location, cuisine, value, and tax-advantage reasons. Maybe back to Japan to live at some point as well.

Excited to meet a group of like-minded fellow global nomads!

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Hello everyone,
My name is Aidan :raised_back_of_hand: and I’m currently entering my senior year of my bachelor’s in math :sweat_smile: . Outside of school, I run my own online tutoring business. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to travel :frowning_face:, but if the chance ever presents itself, I will seize the initiative!

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Hi everyone, :wave:

I’m Adrienne from Los Angeles in the USA. I am not a “nomad” just yet, but have always had a love for travel and adventure, and my family is planning to uproot everything and move to Portugal in the fall. That will mean bringing our 2 dogs, toddler daughter :family_man_woman_girl::poodle::poodle: and a whole lot of stuff to the house we purchased in Lagos in pursuit of golden visas. I recently joined this group to learn from others who may be on a similar path and meet folks who live the digital nomad life.

Currently reading :books: The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life by Chris Guillebeau because this move to Portugal certainly feels like a quest.

Other than travel, I love cooking :hocho:, learning about and tasting wine :wine_glass:, hiking :hiking_boot:, exploring new neighborhoods, and triathlons :swimming_woman::bike::running_woman:. Looking forward to getting to know others in the group!

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Hi I’m Liam, I bounce around from the Pacific Northwest to Hamburg (also Berlin) and back as a student and what I consider an amateur engineering intern at a biotech product development company which is an elaborate way to say microscopes. I wouldn’t say I’ve made any big jump into being a nomad, but I’ve traveled a lot through Germany :de: and Switzerland :switzerland:.

Besides that, I live and breath movies. Part of the nomad experience for me is recognizing each country by how their culture is reflected in their best films. It’s hard to name favorite films, but I could recommend a movie day for the rest of my life and never repeat myself. I’ve even finished the 1001 movies to see before you die last year. If any of you ever need a recommendation, I’m your man.

My favorite place in the world is Hamburg and second place goes to Lausanne.

Favorite books of all time (very easy to name):
The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus
Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
Vom Gehen im Eis by Werner Herzog
The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima
In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust
etc, etc…

I used to listen to Last Podcast on the Left, but lately I haven’t been keeping up.

I’ll be sure to read around at @tkrunning 's neat space here. This will probably end in me slipping into a more and more nomadic lifestyle. Oh woe is me, here I come.


Welcome Jp

Hi, I’m Marleny. I haven’t moved yet but I am currently in the states hoping to get to spain in the next year. I will be travelling with my 14 year old son. We are ready for a new adventure. I am working in the Real estate industry and building an international real estate company. I am trying to learn as much as I can to make the move as easy as possible. I hope i learn alot from this community:slight_smile:

Favorite places : costa rica, seville spain, cape town.

books i recommend : The guide to the good life; New power; Gone Girl


hey y’all!
I’m a modern day vagabond currently seeking cultural asylum in mainland China where i have my own business. Originally from Morocco, studied and lived in the US and potentially moving to Italy soon.
Got here through a google search for bank accounts that are convenient for international travelers/lifestyle as my US ones are pretty much done now.

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Hello Everyone!
I’m Greg, originally from NY.
Looking to making friends and absorbing as much great info as possible.

Thank you, TK! and…thank you everyone for posting great stuff!

Have a blessed day!


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Hello everyone! What an amazing community! My name’s Iman, though I also go by Emmy. I left the corporate desk life back in 2012 to “find myself”. I traveled to many countries mostly by boat, and have worked remotely doing engineering work, but have done more work in the sailing world as a skipper and yacht instructor. I came across Nomad Gate when I was searching for how to open bank accounts overseas, as it is my dream to move to Europe and establish my new life there.

My favorite places? Such an unfair question, as every place has its charm. But maybe my top places have to be Calvi, Corsica; Ethiopia; Christianso, Denmark; Eupen, Belgium; Ponza, Italy; Gran Canaria, Spain; Budapest, Hungary; Grenada.

Books: Poutine on the Orient Express; The Alchemist; All of Alexander Dumas’ writings; Moby Dick.

I’m looking forward to establishing connections with the community and absorbing knowledge!!

Peace and best regards!


Hi folks! My husband and I are planning a move from the U.S. to Portugal given the political and cultural situation that we are facing here. My husband faces discrimination in the US due to his country of origin.

We are looking into the golden visa program and are trying to decide whether we’d like to settle in Lisboa or Coimbra.

I’m a university professor in the US, ideally seeking adjunct teaching work in social work or public policy (either online for the US or in person in Portugal).

I look forward to getting to know folks here! :slight_smile:

Take care,


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Thanks. I will need a mobile bank for my year long stay in Ireland.

Hi, I’m Marian. I’m back in my homeland, Argentina, after 7 years living abroad, but due to high taxes I’m thinking of living somewhere else or at least having a residence in a more convenient country. Any recommendations?

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Hello to all the Nomads:

I’m new to the community, but like many of you, have a yearning to be a true global citizen. I currently reside in the US, but have lived in Central America and traveled to Europe. I am interested in breaking free of the chains that bind me at present at my 9 to 5 and wish to work remotely in order to spend more time with my family and get to know other global citizens. Please feel free to say hi and offer any recommendations that you may have to offer.

Your fellow Nomad, Andy.

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Hi, very many thanks indeed for the ad!

Looking forward to lots of learning on here, if anybody wants to know anything about :bhutan: give me a shout. 3+ years in country, still looking at the spectacular :mountain::mountain_snow::mountain: scenery every day.

Travel safe!


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Hi All,
I’m hussain living in kuwait! i’m looking for global bank account to open as a freelancer to start selling on amazon.
i hope i can find what i’m looking for here

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Hello! Thank you for the add! I’m a virtual Certified Public Accountant and I’ve been traveling with my husband and son since the fall of 2014 when we decided to leave the snow of Western New York State and take a little trip around the U.S. in an RV before settling on the west coast to open another CPA office. Well, we never settled and we are now in Spain :slight_smile: I have loved Morocco, Montenegro, and Germany…it’s so hard to really narrow it down! We visited over 30 countries in Europe in just about one year - we were so excited to visit all these places! I’m excited to connect with other nomads :slight_smile:

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Hi All, I am Milo,
A technical entrepreneur :man_technologist: born and raised in The Netherlands ::netherlands: . Soon te become a Portuguese ::portugal: NHR

I am in the process of incorporating an ::estonia: OU.

I like to invest in private companies. Crypto and Gold
Love to travel to sunny and warm destinations.

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