Introduce yourself! 👋

(Thomas K. Running) #41

Welcome all! :wave: Great use of emojis @RoBa :bowing_man:t4:

(Sara Longsmith) #42

Happy to meet all of you! I’m Sara, from Vermont USA.

I am the breadwinner in my digital nomad family and we are slowly moving through Mexico, Central and South America over the next year. We are only 3 months in, so we’re still working out the kinks :upside_down_face:

I work as a fundraiser for a U.S.-based advocacy organization, Free Press (, which fights for Net Neutrality and our online rights, plus free speech, press freedom and quality journalism. They are awesome and let me work remotely for at least a year.

Right now, we’re in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which is an awesome city for digital nomads! Very laid back, with amazing food and right now the weather is perfect!


(Joaquim P. Leao) #43

Hello Thomas.
I´m Joaquim from :brazil: actually living in Goiania (which is in the center of the country); in the last 35 years lived in Rio de Janeiro.
I have Mechanical Engineering graduation and MBA in Oil & Gas Business and to not let the soul empty with pragmatism, studied General Philosophy.
I am reading at the moment books related to AGI - Artificial General Intelligence - from Ben Goertzel (The End of the Beginning and The AGI Revolution).
I am not a nomad at the moment but this is a dream to come true in some moment in my life.

(Maxim Filimonov) #44

My name is Maxim.
I’m originally from Russia :bear: where weather is always cold :snowflake: and vodka is always free :wink:
Tried to settle in a different country in 2010 when I moved to :australia: to :sun_with_face: and :beach_umbrella:
4 year later I’ve realised that settling in one place is not my cup of tea and started moving about again.
My favourite places in the world so far is Bali, Ubud :hotsprings: Berlin. Germany :beer:
Weird things about me - software developer by trade - transitioned to a full time code mentor in an online bootcamp. Also known by some people as co-founder of JoyGasm :love_letter:
Addicted to ecstatic dance :man_dancing: and weird spiritual things :blush:

Books I’d recommend:
Sex Rules!: Astonishing Sex Roles from Around the World to get yourself out of your comfort zone.
Bored And Brilliant to recognise our addiction to tech.
Stealing Fire to blow your mind with what’s possibilities.

Currently, :snowman: in Moscow but heading to :morocco: dessert to dance this New Year.

(Vicente) #45

Hola hola :wave: .

I’m Vicente, from Chile. I have been 3-4 years traveling, being my last trip the longest (almost 2 years without being home).

Now I’m currently thinking in having 2-4 temporal bases and just rotate. I feel I kinda lost the travel bug :bug:a bit, but I still love changing place every few months (and escaping the cold :snowman_with_snow:). Next year I’ll do my 89 days in Tokyo for the 4th year in a row. Probably then some Berlin and Kiev and then back to Chile (plus some trips in between). I just arrived to Santiago and will probably stay until New years.

Lately I’m doing digital marketing remotely for a company and working on a SaaS side project with a friend.

I think I met Thomas in… Malaysia 2013? Good to see you doing this!

(Trevor) #46

Hey there guys!!

I’m Trevor - not so much into nomadiness yet, but being here, quite sure I’ll be one very soon! Haha :rofl:

Currently working in Marketing & Business Dev at a very boring job - so planning to shift to something a bit more fun, something like…Travel or Food or Photography - related.

Favorite places, well, I’ll have to include Budapest, Bologna and Vienna.

Not much into Podcasts and Books yet, but I will recommend on a favorite quote:

​"If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…the people who give you their food give you their heart." – Cesar Chavez

(Thomas K. Running) #47

Welcome, everyone! :tada:

Indeed, good to see you here @vicho :smiley:

(Ingrid Odegaard) #48

Hi everyone!

I’m Ingrid from Norway :norway: Love skiing, hiking and kitesurfing/skiing :skier::mountain_snow:

I’m Co-founder & CEO of, and we’re trying to make it easier for people to work and travel at the same time, by providing awesome video collaboration. Our team can work from wherever they want, and we have four permanent remote employees. We try to share our experience with working remotely and some of the learnings from research on our customers at If you have a cool story to share, or tips for how to make a remote lifestyle work, we would love to have guest bloggers!

I’ve also recently started doing a podcast about remote life at - poke me if you have a suggestion for a cool topic/interviewee! :studio_microphone:

(Thomas K. Running) #49

Welcome @ingridod! Great to see some fellow :norway:s here!

For those that do not know, do check it out! It’s the closest you’ll find to zero friction video calls! :movie_camera:

(Miha Rekar) #50

Nah I don’t. I don’t do it as much anymore, but I used to:

Lately I only do it for friends :sweat_smile:

(Theodore Keloglou) #51


My name is Theodore, I’m a software developer from Greece. I’ve been working remotely but nomadically; however, it is something interesting I’d like to try soon.

For the last months I’ve been on working on, a job application tracker for developers.

PS. Hi @tkrunning! We met in Thessaloniki, in case you don’t remember me :wink:

(Thomas K. Running) #52

Of course I do, @sirodoht! Great to see you in here! :tada:

(Ivan-Lazar Bundalo) #53

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
My name is Ivan-Lazar and I’m from a lovely place called Croatia, I lived in 6 different countries over the last 7 years so I don’t know where I belong - hopefully I find myself in this community?
I’m a lot into outdoors so if any one of you wants to catch a cheap flight and do something (at the moment around Europe) I’ll be interested! :small_airplane:

At the moment I am searching for a way to have a more stable income and a good life with it (PhD in [fiber-]optics, not such a great area for remote work), designing optical systems for one guy and helping my father maintain his small publishing company. Last year I was just traveling, many places from Cambodia to Cuba, and learning exotic languages like Arabic :no_mouth: (didn’t go that well in the end…!). :world_map::airplane::mountain_snow::mountain::camping::beach_umbrella::desert_island:

Always up for new ventures, both travel-wise and business wise, so please don’t hesitate to hit me up if you’re up to something, you need help, discussion or a good company :wink:
I’m a lot into languages, cultures, countries, religions, food,philosophy, history… you will probably end up talking about some of these subjects with me, if we get a chance to meet :slight_smile:
I love being with people, having a good laugh, making everyone feel good - not into drugs, hook-ups or new-ageism so from that side I’m proudly boring :smile:

Favourite places? Seriously people, there are so many…!
Sydney, Australia :australia:
Calanques de Marseille, France :fr:
Northern Velebit national park, Croatia :croatia:
Cinque terre and Alpe Apuane, Italy :it:
Mount Cook, New Zealand :new_zealand:
Red Sea (Egypt, Israel, Jordan)

Cheers everyone! :slight_smile: :beers:

(Gustaf) #54

Hi there ladies and gentlemen,
I am Gustaf from :sweden: :slight_smile: I like stuff that includes standing on boards utilizing different types of surfaces.

I used to travel full time, but since a couple of years I live in Bangkok where I run a tech team for our two businesses (Pendata and Seedooh) and a couple of external clients. I still travel 4-6 months of the year, but tend to go back more and more to the same places that I like, Australia (where my business partners are from), Southern Europe in the summer and Bali to mention a few.

As business is not taking all my time anymore I spend more time learning languages. Currently focus is on Thai and even if I would be better than most foreigners on it, I am not really properly conversational yet. I want to put some serious time into Spanish before Spain again next summer as well.

I was invited a good while back, but haven’t gotten the :+1: out to sign up until now, but here I am! I am very interested in sovereignty and after having business and residency in place I am looking towards the process of a second passport going forward.


(dreaman) #55

Welcome Ingrid. Very nice to have you here :wink:

(Thomas K. Running) #56

Welcome @ilbundalo & @gustaf! Thanks for the detailed intros! :rocket:

Cheers! :beers:

(Keisha Lewis) #57

Hi everyone. My name is Keisha from Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies.
I am very much in the early stages, as I am currently building a location-independent career in social media marketing. My aim is to start traveling with my partner by 2018.

So I guess I have joined this community so that I can learn all I can and connected with like-minded individuals.

Places I would like to visit include New York, Ireland, Scotland, Bali, Japan, Australia and Costa Rica. I am a heavy-duty podcast listener. I recommend anything from Rainmaker network.

That is about it for now. I look forward to announcing my first trip to you all next year!

(Amadeusz Annissimo) #58

Hi there,

I’m Amadeus, from Poland. I am running a marketplace for cleaning services in Germany, plus doing occasional freelance web development jobs. In the company that I am co-running, I am responsible for all technical aspects (website, system, reporting), online marketing and finance. Our company is registered in Estonia, so I also know a little bit about E-Residency (we’re running it since July 2016).

Currently (both for work and for fun) I am mostly into web development, in particular, 'Laravel stack, (Laravel + Vue.js). I planned to start the ‘digital nomad’ life for years, and finally started it in August this year. Right now, I am located in Phoenix, AZ, heading to Berlin in January and Lisbon in February.

My favorite podcast lately is ‘20 percent time’. When I don’t work, I am probably on a very long or hike in the countryside.

(Katie McCaskey) #59

Hello, all! :grinning:

I’m Katie, from the United States (Virginia).

Happy to find this group. I’m interested in Estonia’s e-Residency program. I’m not sure it offers me specific advantages but I really like the concept. Love to hear from anyone using e-Residency for business (or simply other fans).

I’m a writer; find me at I’m also an experienced brick-and-mortar entreprenuer. I gravitate toward creative people and new ideas!

(Lukas) #60

Hey guys!
I am Lukas and from Germany.

I found this forum during my research on tax residency. Thomas has some great articles and I read a few of his comments on different boards. So I thought it couldn’t hurt to join. :slight_smile:
I am in digital advertising and content marketing, completely location independent and I plan on leaving my home country this year to do some traveling.

Favorite places:
Vancouver and B.C. in general