Introduce yourself! 👋

(Thomas K. Running) #61

Welcome @ricracsimone, @amadeann, @k.mccaskey & @lukas! :tada:

@k.mccaskey: Feel free to post any questions you have about E-residency on the forum, I’m happy to share my experience!

@amadeann: Let me know when you’ll be in Lisbon—I will be there most of February as well! Let’s grab a :beer: or :coffee:️!

(Myriam Haar) #62

Hi, thanks for having me. Been roaming around the world for 42 years, done lots of different things in life, always having fun doing what I choose to do. I’m multi-lingual, translator/interpreter, worked with kids with challenges such as autism, ADD/ADHD or traumas as an emotional re-connection facilitator, awareness coach for adults. I work with energies, love nature, practice yoga and meditation, I am also a quilting artist. Not too techie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but willing to learn new tricks and move with progress. After 12 wonderful years in the Caribbean :palm_tree::sunny::cocktail::desert_island::beach_umbrella:, my husband and I are preparing our next adventure this August: our move to SE Asia by train from Paris/Moscow/Beijing to Vietnam :shinto_shrine::mosque: and several other countries around to end up in Malaysia. But before we are ready to move I needed to open a digital account accessible everywhere in the world and subscribe to an online freelance job search. That done, all I need to do now is take care of the red tape (visas and such) and get rid of our stuff. Looking forward to reading you posts, learn from you and eventually give tips and share info.:sunglasses:

(Loretta Lee) #63

Hi, I am not exactly a nomad yet. Still with my feed on terra firma. I moved from Malaysia :sun_with_face: to UK.:snowflake:
Trying to keep sane.

(Kay Hall) #64

Hi, my name is Kay. Currently living in the UK :uk: ; spent many years in Belgium, Netherlands, US and Canada. I work in expat compensation, helping companies understand how to pay their employees who live across borders. We research living costs and conditions around the globe. I’m a business developer at heart and love to help grow a genuinely good service or product. We are looking to buy property in Porto :portugal: to try and eventually establish a permanent base.
My favourite books: The Culture Map by Erin Meyer (non-fiction) and can’t possibly pick one fiction writer…enjoying Jodi Picoult novels at the moment
Happy to join this group :smiley:

(Liane Abreu) #65

Hi all,

I am Liane from :brazil:, currently living in Sweden…yeah…too cold for a Brazilian. :sweat_smile:
I lived in Spain for 17years and June’17 moves to Stockholm, husband is from here.

I work completely remote, I am a project manager for an American company and provide support to all countries. I love to work with people around the world, but working from home sometimes feel lonely.
Lately my works require me to travel a lot and that is what made me find this community while searching for better banks option for travelers.

Currently the only books I read is for my 2years old son…I am dying to game time for grownup books.

Really happy to find this community. :grinning:

(Thomas K. Running) #66

Muito prazer, @liabreu! It’s great to have you here! :raised_hands:

If you’re being paid in USD from a US company you might save some money using a TransferWise Borderless account for receiving your salary, and just converting it into SEK or EUR yourself at a reasonable rate (less than 1% markup/fees).


(Mikhail Ikpoma) #67

Dear House, I am Mikhail. I live in Nigeria. I was searching for a bank in Europe where i can open an account from here in order to link it to stripe and paypal and i stumbled upon Nomad Gate. You are an interested community with very honest opinion.We can overcome certain barriers through exchanges of ideas and help. I intend to go into freelancing staff and crowdfunding which is why i am trying to overcome paypal and stripe bottlenecks. I have read about N26 thread and it is quite inspiring. However, i will like to ask:while registering for bank account, what country should i imput where it says ‘which country do you live?’. Can N26 card be mailed outside EU?
TK Running has done great Job forming this forum. I appreciate you, TK Running. The forum here discuss so many interesting topics like traveling and what is involved. Keep it up

(Thomas K. Running) #68

Welcome Mikhail! I responded in the other thread regarding your N26 question. Cheers!

(anon39578702) #70

Body is too similar to what you recently posted

Hello! I came from the Streber mirror. I’m a private person. Here’s a book that has changed my life:
PT.pdf (879.5 KB)

(Carl K.) #71

Hey guys,

I’m Carl and I’m from one of the Nordic countries. Found nomadgate after
reading for a long while without realizing it was a mirror of a now-offline site. Currently I’m running a start-up and doing web development consultancy on the side while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I spend too much time worrying about/reading about tax residency, ha ha!

(Thomas K. Running) #72

Welcome @calleh! :slight_smile: :thailand:

(G) #73

Hi everyone, I’ve been a nomad for almost 20 years now. Currently running a company in Estonia and about to move to Malta. Hope to be able to help people out using own experience and to learn a few new tricks myself!

(Epiphane ADJADJI) #74

Hi everyone,
I’m very happy to join your great forum. I heard about the nomad movement and look forward to growing in this community and getting the idea spread in community down here in Benin Republic.

the main reason I’m joining is none of the online payment service to help me do remote work does not work in my country. I tried Paypal, I can only use it to buy online not getting paid :). Payoneer, not working, Skrill and Neteller does not work in my country. Sad, I feel very sad that in this 21st century there are countries that arze still closed to the remote and nomad life.

In case you have solutions, please let me know.

(Enid Lasfargues) #75

I am from New Zealand but I grew up in Malaysia.
I came across this forum while researching on Malta residency.
My dream is to open a pattiserie and art studio in Malta i.e sell my pastries and my drawings in the same shop.:croissant::cake:.

Reason for joining Nomad Gate is to look for ideas and advices on moving to Malta.
Also, to help anyone who would like more information on New Zealand.


(Graham Borsberry) #76

Hi Thomas and guys and gals.

My name is Graham and I go by the name of wrangleruk in my forums. Just joined as it felt the smart thing to do to get travel info when I need it. I’m not a Nomad but travel quite a bit and am looking to set up a retirement home in Portugal which is why I needed some financial advice and Nomad was spot on first time. Hope to be back soon. Bye for now

(John N Bali) #78

Hi everyone - I grew up ( physically) In the UK but have only spent 2 winters there in the last 50 years - one of my favourite spots is Agonda Beach in Goa but I have sought out and found many beautiful beaches in my life - I leave the UK every year in October and return in late Spring, a routine I am determined to change shortly, - so I am very pleased to have stumbled serendipitously upon Nomad Gate
Om Shanti

(Thomas K. Running) #79

Welcome Nick, great to have you here!

PS! I moved your post into the introduction thread! :slight_smile:

(Fabian) #80

Hi, i am Fabian and i’am very happy to meet the nomad gate members

(Tasmania Limited) #81

Hi All,

First day on the block. I am introducing myself to the forum.

I love creative business ideas, ways to do business that is win-win and clever ways to save money!

Right now I am using my UK business to help nomads and start ups get a foot in the door with some of their ventures.

So if you want to try something without the risk, let me know. We can discuss.

(Thomas K. Running) #82

Welcome @euroservices @tassyland :slight_smile: