Introduce yourself! 👋

(Saiful Yusoff) #83

Hi all,

I’m Saiful from Putrajaya, Malaysia. Struggling to become location-independent someday. I’ve been working as a e-hailing driver and part-time Forex trader (still learning to make this happen) .

Currently my main focus is to get stable income from the web and be location-independent.

Nice to meet everyone here :smiley:

(James ) #84

I am James … A programmer and i have been to few countries , also i am open to see more places … I don’t have much to say … Thanks

(Thomas K. Running) #85

Welcome, @James841! What kind of programming do you do? :man_technologist:

(Randall Mark Trainer) #86

I’m Randall. I’ve been a global nomad since 2015, but I’ve been a world traveller most of my life, visiting or living in over 90 countries on 6 continents. I’m a native Texan, and lived there several decades. Last year I felt the need to establish a home base for my travels, as I found that countries often refuse visitor visas to homeless vagabonds. I am now a citizen of Vanuatu in the south Pacific, though I continue to travel most of the year.

I own and remotely manage two businesses in the US, an oil company and a water company, having learned that the oil wells and water wells just keep on pumping whether I am there or not. Prior jobs or businesses include photographer, symphony cellist, teacher of ancient Greek, audio production, and manager of book stores.

I am transitioning from entrepreneur to international investor, since I would love to sell my businesses and “retire,” living on investment income as I travel. Compared to you guys, I’m a boring old fuddy-duddy, but I’m still trying to learn how get the most out of life, enjoying the journey. I welcome your help.

(Paul RYKEN) #87

I am a father, husband, practising minimalist, values-oriented, quality over quantity, marathon runner, digital nomad, Kiwi wandering the world.

Coffee is a must, but only after my morning run. I choose experiences over material items. I value my friendships and close family. When I travel, I travel light - only a carry on bag - even for long trips.

Currently in New Zealand doing the #vanlife thing and looking for a homebase / rental property to generate some diversified income. Heading to Europe in December for one year and plan to tick off a few bucket list items.

Am here to learn from others and also put my two cents in when appropriate.

(Tashu Gudokin) #88

Hello, my name’s Tashu and I’m 54. I’m an IT professional with almost 3 decades of global experience in the industry. I build tech startups through my London based company, CyberMust Ventures Ltd

(Alexander Dumont dos Santos) #89

Hey there guys!:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
My name is Alexander and I grew up in Portugal.:portugal:
I am a lawyer in Lisbon for tax and immigration.
If you guys have any questions or are thinking of moving to Portugal let me know, we can have a video call.
Kind regards,

(Lars ) #90

Hola ! :smiley:

Lars here, usually go by … Lars! Went by Sajonara during the days of Counter Strike 1.6, for those who made frags there. I work remotely as a project manager, business optimizer, marketing consultant etc. Stayed in Thailand for several years, now currently based in Lisbon.

Favorites below.

Spots: Lisbon and Bangkok

Podcasts: Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, and for any Norwegians here -> Krisemøte.

Beers: Noa Pecan Mudcake Stout BA (Omnipollo), Fatamorgana (Omnipollo), Supersonic (Lervig)

Cheers ! :smiley:


Hello everyone

I am from India, Would like to explore the e-residency benefits with you guys. Looking for help and suggestions in opening up my company. And like to understand the taxation system as well.
Just a guy in early 30’s with big dreams!! :smiley:

(Alise ) #92

Hello, my name is Alise. I am originally from Riga, Latvia. We have an NGO with friends, and I also freelance as a researcher and EU project writer. After spending a year in Berlin, I have found my little heaven in the sunniest capital of Europe - Athens :sunglasses::beach_umbrella: I love the weather, people and… food! In case you’re in Athens or have any questions about Greece, don’t hesitate to ask me!

(Sandeep Singh) #93

I’m Sandeep, originally from India, but currently doing IT studies in Latvia. I want to finish my :man_student: and start my own company. I want to be perfect in the job I’m doing!
I love listening to songs and spending time with my friends in :national_park:. I play football, cricket and chess.
After finishing my studies, I would like to become a digital nomad :computer:. Currently I am looking for opportunities to work and live in Europe and be :smile:

(Jenny R) #94

Hi everyone! I’m Jenny, I’ve lived, studied and worked in Denmark, Hungary, Italy and currently I am living in Athens. I am a full-time translator, working online. I love travelling and I’m happy I can to it often due to working online.
My favourite places? I really loved Denmark, but it’s so expensive! Recently I spent a few days in Bulgarian seaside, it’s wonderful, but you have to know Russian to live there… Athens is really nice place to live, one can get around easy with English and the weather is great… Let’s see what’s my next destination :wink:
I am looking forward to learn new things in this forum and share my experience.

(Krista) #95

I’m a recent expat though not entirely nomadic yet (hopefully soon!) From the US, but currently living in the UK. I’m a content writer and blogger trying to see as much of the world as possible (hence I’d love to adapt a nomadic lifestyle). Some of my favorite places include the Galapagos, Poland, and Morocco! I recently reread Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides which was a nice break from Rise and Fall of the Third Reich which I’m reading after a recent trip to Germany. The book that made me want to live abroad though is Four Seasons in Rome by Anthony Doerr, especially this quote: “Leave home, leave the country, leave the familiar. Only then can routine experience—buying bread, eating vegetables, even saying hello—become new all over again.”

(Jukka Paunonen) #96

Hi, I’m Jukka. I live in :finland:, Tampere, and work in the game development. I like hiking and jogging. I am considering to become a seasonal digital nomad to run away from the long winters here :snowman_with_snow:. So I am here to learn from your experiences!

(Michael Coden) #97

Hey Krista,

I’m Michael… Also a US citizen… I’m trying to understand how living nomadically abroad works with US Tax law. We are meant to report foreign earned income yearly but am trying to understand how the tax works with the US when it is already taxed in the country where the business is located. Any idea?


(Michael Coden) #98

Hi everyone!

My name is Michael and I am originally from the US but have been working and living abroad since 2012. I am a new Estonian e resident and am hoping to live nomadically doing freelance marketing consulting!

If anyone has any advice on US Tax law for Americans earning foreign income I would love for you to get in touch!

All the best!

(Avinash Vasayani) #99

Hi All,

I’m Avinash, basically from India but live in China since 2005.
Occupation - Businessman
Mac freak
Crazy for Gadgets
Passionate for learning coding, small projects, Raspberry Pi

Here to learn something and share my experiences with you all guys.


(Krista) #100

Hi Michael! Tax questions are already frustrating, then add in different countries and it’s just that much worse! I’m assuming you mean you are an American citizen, working for an American company while living abroad. You always have to file taxes in the US, but you don’t get double taxed until your income is over about $100,000. I wish I had that problem, but I don’t. Does that answer your whole question?

(Jenny F) #101

I’ve never been out of the country but somehow I’m still inI’ve never been out of the country but somehow I’m still interesting in being a digital nomad. I’ve been working in website design for about five years, same place since I graduated with my degree, and now I’m dying to get out. I don’t do much reading, but recently arrived late to the Serial podcast. Any podcast suggestions for potential, aspiring nomads? Im really looking forward to hearing/learning all about it. I’d love to hear how you guys made the decision to get out!

(Carson) #102

hey guys, i’m Carson. originally from canada have been nomadic since 2015. i skipped university to see the world and never looked back. it’d be cool to pick up some ‘professional’ skills but I’ve been getting by working in hostels so far. mostly been through se asia, but interested in going to europe when i’ve got the money. in the philippines but looking to move.