Introduce yourself! 👋

(James Free) #103

Greetings! Happy to meet new friends on line. Interested in Folk tales and stories from around the world.
Thailand now and soon to be in Chile.

(rocio piotti) #104

Hi! I´m an Argentinian traveller. It´s great to have these forums to read about other people experience in travelling and also help each other width doubts. Thanks in advance!

(Zo Chen) #105

Hi everyone! I’m Zo from China. I am not currently a location independent and to be frankly I just heard about this term from nomad gate. However, I am quite interested in being a location independent traveler. I was a strategy consultant and now working at a company to develop and implement strategy and business plan. I am considering moving to Lisbon or New Zealand and during the search of information I found nomad gate. I read some of your posts and you are all very impressive! And I do get encouragement from your sharing! Thanks!

(Tak) #106

Nomad gate is truely what I need. I am long interested in this field, but too busy to be nomad and now it’s time to go abroad due to the high tax and deadly financial problem of our government Japan. I am staying in france so I open n36. I am working on internal medicine and industrial hygene.
favorite place? onsen (hot spring in Japan and ski area in nofth island Japan).
book? David Graeber and Kanto’s world republic.

(Henrik Mark Fly Hansen) #107

Hello :smiley: I’m Henrik, originally from Denmark and I’m at the beginning of my life as a world citizen. I’ve just lived a year in Bangkok Thailand, now moving to the US and I’ve got a goal to live on all 6 populated continents before I turn 30 :smiley: I’m 23 doing my MBA and working part-time as Business Development Manager for a start-up in Hong Kong. I’m excited to have found this forum as I don’t really know any people in real life that lives the lifestyle I want to live :smile: One of my favorite countries to travel to is Italy, as you can experience so much different things in one country, culture, history, skiing, swimming and shopping :sunglasses:

(John Hagley) #108

Hi, I’m John,

An Aussie :australia: newly located to Laos :laos: with my family. Found this forum when looking for a banking setup and cost effective way to handle my cash abroad. Also looking to take advantage of those special little benefits we get as modern day nomads and travellers. :airplane: :money_with_wings::gift:

(Bruno Julius Constantinescu) #109

Hello my fellow Nomads, I live in Florida and travel every summer to Europe. My wife and I built a house in Hungary and we plan to retire there when the time comes.

(Donald Philby) #110

Hello all,

Not yet in the nomad circle, but will be at end of year. Living on Vancouver Island right now (a beautiful place that is being stripped of trees and stuffed with people moving in).

I’m probably doing things differently from the rest of you.

My background is photography and writing: (photo) journalism, writing, magazine editing/writing, copywriter and ad agency owner.

Add investor and baby steps into Ecom.

I’ve long been a sailor. Owned several boats. At end of year, I’ll be taking possession in Grenada (Caribbean) of a catamaran (polynesian style, wood, simple, already been around the world and ready to go again).

Think of it as a big suitcase for cameras and MacBook. Alternate for airplanes and hotels.

My agenda is vague, though, and starts with Caribbean and then through Panama and into Polynesia.
Plan on being on the watery road for five or 10 years.

I’m 72. Wanted to do this since 17. I’m healthy and moving along the paleo trails.

(Mac) #111

Hi everyone! :wave:
I run a small clothing business Wool&Prince and an online community Only What Matters. Many of our customers would consider themselves location-independent. In large part, this is a result of renown digital nomad, Tynan spreading the word about our wool shirts and their functional advantages.

True location independence isn’t a possibility for me at the moment. I’m based out of Portland with commitments such as a house (w/ mortgage), dog, office/employees, and family. Therefore, I optimize for a flexible schedule instead of true location independence.

TK, great work with the community! Looking forward to participating and following along.

(Zachary Irlbeck) #112

Hi, my names Zach, I don’t do much of anything yet. I’m about to set out on a 3 month trip to Europe with a close friend. She’s traveling with a mental illness and so we may take the time to use that domain name she’s had for a while and put some of our trip up there to help others who have some of the same issue’s.

I am not yet location independent, I’m rather young and just getting my life together. I intend to complete the Global TEFL course upon return and start working abroad teaching English, or preferably remotely, and see where that takes me. Good to be here,

(Thomas K. Running) #113

Welcome, everyone!

I really love Wool&Prince’s shirts :heart_eyes:. I’ve been wearing them daily for the past three years, and I’ve never found anything that comes near it. It’s really the perfect shirt for travelers IMO.

Great to have you here, Mac! And keep up the excellent work :tada:

(Jacqui) #114

Hi Nomad Community,

My name is Jacqui and I have just recently become nomadic, I moved to Portugal last month and I am still currently finding my feet!

(Kevin Morgan ) #115

Hi guys,
I just joined Nomad Gate yesterday, I like to travel even though i wouldn’t say i was a nomad. I travel mostly in SEA particularly in Vietnam but have been to Philippines, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany. Haha i forgot to say that i Live in Australia for now. I do want to move to Vietnam to live.
I need to find a way to earn money there. If anyone wants to employ me in Vietnam let me know haha

(Dav Sag ) #116

Hi all, my name is Dav and I was born in Spain, spent some time in the Canary Islands, 8 years in the UK, and 10 years in Hungary. For the last 4 years I have travelled for work 10 months per year, one month in each country in Africa, America, Europe and Asia :earth_asia:

I have decided to quit my job as internal auditor and I’m moving to Bangkok in 2 weeks, where I plan to start a digital nomad career, hence me joining you guys.

Some of my favourite places are Malapascua island in the Philippines, Penang in Malaysia for street food and Guilin in China… plus anywhere in Japan :japan: Currently reading A Short History of Nearly Everything for the 3rd time… looking forward to interact with you here!


(Martin Parker) #117

Hi all,
I’m Martin from the UK.
Not so nomadic yet, although I’ve lived in a number of countries; France for 3 years, Malta for 6 and I’m now in Cyprus - been here a year so far :grinning:
Currently writing content for a number of clients, but also want to develop my Wordpress skills and get into social media management. A lot more learning to do yet though!
Cheers :beers::beers::beers:

(Thomas K. Running) #118

@MartinParker How are you finding Cyprus so far? I’ve heard many people raving about it, including a few people that were planning on moving there from Malta. How would you say they compare? :sunny::desert_island:

(Martin Parker) #119

Love it here! :slight_smile:
Malta was good, but there is a lot of corruption, congestion and a general lack of space. Malta is good for iGaming companies as there are many located there. In Cyprus, we have a lot of FX brokers, based in Limassol.
There are also many similarities - the Mediterranean culture, sun and heat (!!), bad driving :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t go back!
Cyprus has so much space, mountains, rivers - which Malta doesn’t.
Are you thinking of coming? There is a new co-working hub in Paphos, called cyhub

(George Parolalista) #120

Not sure if this is where to place my post but I’ve been homeless/nomadic for large periods of my adult life but that hasn’t stopped me achieving dreams and helping others. Once again, I’m starting a new chapter in my life and looking for help in setting myself up with bank account, understanding how best to establish myself from a tax perspective and having my first website about who I am, what I’ve done and what I can do… Mobile +447551777782

(Lee Edmond) #121

Hi. I’m Lee, Not nomadic yet, but will be at the end of next year. I love Portugal, Paris and the Caribbean. Favorite books are War and Peace, The Center of the Cyclone and Sometimes a Great Notion.

(Olivier Burle) #122

Hi there, my name is olivier but my friends call me Oli. I was born in Africa, grew up in the Caribbean french islands, work in the Solomon islands and call Egypt my home. So I recon that this community is made for me.
I work under the sea as a diver, a guide, an instructor, a dive leader or a cruise manager since more than 30 years and :musical_score: “I like it like that” :notes:
This Year I am working at and spending the resting time in Sharm el Sheikh in the Egyptian Sinai.
I hope I will meet in this platform people with the same way of life, with the same problems and better solutions.
I landed here with a search in online banking not looking for another chat room, but I am happy to join the group :smiley: