Lisbon earthquake possibility and building seismic code?

There were several large scale earthquakes in Lisbon: 1321, 1531 and the latest one in 1755.
it’s not too wired if someone say it may happen every 200-300 years…how we can evaluate the possibility, and is there any seismic code for apartments and homes?

I found this from a quick google - it was an interesting read


Thanks, garrett!
Below is also an interesting read.
From 1755 to Today—Reassessing Lisbon’s Earthquake Risk

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Ha ha Certainly something to keep in mind!
It looks like current reinforced concrete construction is adequate for anything but the 3000 year variety of earthquake.
Living in California near the San Andreas fault and with its fires and mudslides etc. I am not that bothered by the risk. Basically there are lots of other more immediate risks in my mind.

Nonetheless it is something to keep in mind if faced with the choice of an older poorly constructed building and a newer concrete structure

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In Japan, there are mainly two seismic codes(1971 - old; 1981 - new), when people buy a property, tend to search for a building constructed after 1981, which adapted the new seismic code, and can stand against stronger earthquakes .