Livingroup / Pagani Real Estate Investments - Starting an Investor Group (Alacazar, Alhambra Village, etc.)


Any other investors here who invested with Livingroup / Pagani Real Estate? I’d love to start an investor group for their various projects (Alcazar, Alhambra Village, etc.)

I just invested in their most recent Alcazar - Residential - Freehold - EUR 280,000 - Rehabilitation Project and want to connect with other investors over the next 10 years as I think investors need to work together and share knowledge/contacts/etc. (e.g. What rents we’re getting, if we’re leasing it ourselves, anything!)

If people want to join a group I will create please reply or DM me with which project you invested in and I’ll setup a forum depending on the various investor preferences. When the property launches I’ll also try to get in touch with all of the investors.

If anyone is curious and want to know why I chose them feel free to DM me and I can tell you the Pro’s/Con’s in my opinion, it may or may not be a good investment for you.