Looking for recommended accountants in Portugal and Spain

I’m looking for any recommendations for good, honest accountants in both Spain and Portugal who would be au fait with freelancers living in these countries but predominantly working in the UK.

I’d be very grateful if anyone has any connections.


Hello @steadijim, I’d be happy to put you in touch with the accounting firm that deals with the accounting of my law firm. They are called Moneris (https://www.moneris.pt/?lang=en) and the price is correct. Let me know.
Have a great day,

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Hi James, I’m working as a freelancer in Portugal since January this. Before I was located in Spain, working as a freelancer too. Here in Portugal I’m with Frederico Gama from RHJ Accounting company, which is a UK based company. They have offices in Porto and Lisbon. You can contact Frederico directly [contact details removed by moderator]. He speaks English too. Not sure if they have offices in Spain too. Here is the email address of the CEO Jeremiah [contact details removed by moderator].