Mercan Facebook page

Hi Everyone,

I have just set up a Facebook page “Mercan Portugal” for anyone interested in sharing their experiences (or cribbing other peoples experiences!) with Mercan Properties in Portugal regarding this route to a Golden Visa.

We are just about to take the plunge into the Moxi, Lisboa Park ‘investment’

Cheers … Kevin (in UK)

Hello, thank you for creating a group.

I have a general question to those people who decided to obtain PGV with Mercan: did/do you have independent portuguese lawyer or you work just with Mercan lawyer?

If you have the independent one - which aproximate amount of additional expenses does it entail?

For me, having an independant lawyer is safer. But I know a lot of situations when, for ex., your lawyer proposes some protecting you adjustments for the contract, but company like Mercan refuses to do it.

And the last question: is there a possibility to insure (via insurance company) such type of investment (which Mercan offers) and related risks (risk of non-completion of construction or buyback risk or something else accompanying)?

Thank you in advance for all responses!

Hi Olga,

Nomad is preventing me from replying because I am a new user – only told me this after writing a long reply to you!

Email me directly if you can or via the FB group.

Cheers … Kevin

I’m using an outside lawyer to review the documents but their lawyer to actually make the application and investment. Just for peace of mind!

Thank you for your answer! Could you tell how much this adds to your overall expenses?

Hi Olga,

Great if you could post on the Mercan Portugal FB page as well - I am the only one posting there at the moment (early days, I know!).

Cheers … Kevin

So far 600Euros. Very nice law firm. Lamares, Capela & Associados. Diogo is great.