Money order in Portugal

Is there a way to get a money order in Portugal, I need a 10.00 $ money order for The motor vehicle division for a certified Records.

Try western union.

Tks I did try that, they said that they did not, now they left me under the impression that they had no clue of what I was talking about, tks

I suppose checks are very uncommon in Europe and in Asia. You might have to use a bill pay app to get it done, one that will mail out a paper check for you.

Thanks for input and time, yes you are right, now I went the old fashion way, contacted an acquaintance in the US and called in a favor and as we speak my money order is in the mail, good all fashion way of doing business. Thanks again, Francis.

Isn’t a money order the same as a cashier’s check, otherwise known as a bank check in Portugal. You can get it at a bank branch in Portugal, preferably where you have an account.

Thank you, Il look in to it.