New Directory of Remote Work Job Boards/Aggregator Sites

As a long-time freelancer, when the pandemic began to adversely affect my income, I started looking for remote work opportunities that would allow me to comfortably continue my digital nomad lifestyle.

I was hoping to find a nicely organized, up-to-date and relatively comprehensive online directory for remote work job boards/aggregator sites. The best I could find was something at Github, which was a good start but was somewhat out of date and not so easy to use.

So I compiled my own directory and put it online, to share with anyone who wanted to use it (no registration required and free of any affiliate links). The research for compiling a list of resources on remote work and related is in fact what led me here.

In case anyone reading this might benefit from the directory, here’s the link.

Suggestions for additions and modifications are welcome. This is a work in progress that I hope will become increasingly valuable to the digital nomad community over time.


Thanks Daniel. Well done

Very cool. Thanks

God bless you! I am living in a country that is exploding economically (and not because of Covid) we are near hyperinflation, not available to buy foreign currency and heading up to comunism… Anything helps, thanks !!!

great resource. Thanks man!

Hello, sounds a really useful resource. Just wondering, is the link broken for everyone or is it just my phone?

Link works for me.

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Strange, I keep getting this:

Thank you!