Opening a bank account outside UK, possibily in Europe or about, that I can deposit Sterling/GBP cash and keep it in a sterling/GBP account in that bank without the cash deposit converted to the EUR or USD?


I’m looking for a list of banks outside of UK that can open Sterling/GBP accounts (outside of UK) and I can deposit cash in the bank counter free of extra charge or in the Instant-deposit-ATM of bank in free of extra charge, while my money will not get converted to the EUR or USD or any other currency?
e.g. Banks who offering Sterling/GBP account outside of UK and without fee accepting Sterling/GBP cash deposit and each time that I deposit 5000K GBP, I have 5000KGBP into my account finally?


Are you really planning to deposit £5,000,000 into an ATM?

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Are you really planning to deposit £5,000,000 into an ATM?
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I have sometimes a spare couple of thousands of cash in GBP and I need to deposit it without conversion. Not more than 2000GBP~3000GBP at once. The solution, please?

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