Portugal RBI/GV options - possible to invest via a limited company (UK)?


I’m new to this forum, but very happy I found it as I’ve been struggling to find the exact info I need online. I have looked through past posts but couldn’t find an answer on this point about company funds.

I’m looking at options for RBI in Portugal, with a view to becoming a citizen after 5 years. I am looking to spend just a few months each year there, and maintain non-tax-resident status if at all possible, so I’m focusing on GV options to begin with (but may be open to living more full-time there for the D7 residency option, if GV doesn’t work out).

I am a 100% owner/director of a UK limited company, and the business has sufficient cash available to fund a potential Portugal GV investment for me, built up from retained trading profits over many years.

What I’d like to know is whether any of the Portugal RBI/GV pathways (i.e. property, investment funds, capital transfer) can be funded with money from a UK limited company, on the basis that I am the only director and shareholder?

Or would I need to draw the money personally as dividends, in order to fund the purchase/investment/capital transfer under my own name?

Thanks in advance!

PS. While I’m here, I’m also wondering whether it’s possible for a foreign citizen with GV status to buy property in Lisbon at all, as of the recent GV changes? Or does the change only apply to which properties/areas are eligible for GV (but without restricting anybody from buying something if they choose to)?