Processing time from biometrics to resident card?

thanks! so which office seems fastest with getting biometrics, then processing after biometrics?
(maybe the two are different?)

Based on feedback here in order of biometrics to residency:
Faro has seen the fastest biometrics to approval reported above (~2months).
Coimbra seems next taking ~6months from biometrics to approval.
Lisbon seems to be ~8months
Azores seems to be the slowest based on some issues/delays at SEF in Ponta Delgada. Ppl waiting for >10months.


We also did our biometrics in Azores in Nov21. Still waiting for final approvals.

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For what it is worth, we just had our biometrics last week in Lisbon and asked the question of how long the cards will take. Our attorneys said they saw them working on the Feb 2022 biometrics so that it is currently 7-8 months, although that could change. Our attorneys said it had been approximately 6 months previously.


My biometrics was done in Lisbon in early February this year but I am still waiting for the final approval. Hope that your attorney is right. And I will let you all know when I have got my final approval.


Thank you for parsing through everything, is Faro consistently faster? If so sounds like I’ll be asking my lawyers to take a small vacation down to faro :slight_smile: