Question about GV residence status

Hello everyone,

I am a US citizen and want to spend more time in Europe to get around the 90/180 rule (when the EU will allow Americans back in :slight_smile: I started looking at a possibility of a Portuguese GV, but am not sure whether it gives me the right to spend time in other Schengen countries.

For example, if I have the Portuguese GV, can I spend 4 months in Spain or Germany? Or am I still a subject to 90/180 rule?

Any help is appreciated.

You wouldn’t be subject to the 90/180 rule, but to legally spend 4 months in Spain (without going out of the country) you’d have to register as a resident in Spain. And you couldn’t do that when you have the visa from Portugal.


Thank you for replying to my message. If you don’t mind, can I ask you a few questions?

  1. If I am not a subject to 90/180 rule, can I travel in Europe for 6 months continuously, not staying in one place too long?

  2. If I stay in one place, how long can I? For example, can i rent an apartment in Paris for 3 months? What about 6 months if i go in and out of the country?

  3. Is there a place where i can read these regulations?

Thank you.