Registering at the Doctors for NHR's

Hi, Can anyone out there walk me through the best options for registering with local doctor (mainly for the kids) for NHR’s.
Whats required? do we need a residency card?, do we need a social security number?, do the kids require a NIF?
Seems everywhere you go someone has a different idea of how to go about it…
Any suggestions welcomed.

Which country?

@pbm The post is tagged Portugal, and the NHR program is Portuguese, so I’m guessing Portugal :wink:

@nikokatona I’m not sure exactly what the best way is to register in the system—however I believe you just need your passport to get registered. I am visiting Portugal next week so I’ll see if I can find out.

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Hi yes Portugal …

NHR is about income tax. It has nothing to do with health care, be it public or private.

As for what’s required, for some questions answers depend on whether you’re citizens of an EU country.


Thanks for the reply, you are correct …NHR is about income tax BUT if we are NOT paying income tax how does this effect registering with the national health care services? do you have to pay premium OR are you excluded OR do NHR’s have to go private health care system ONLY?
Yes we are EU passport holders, we are aware of the EU health care card but we aren’t EU citizens, so I guess that option is also out?
From what I can decipher from online blogs the best option is for us to go with a Portuguese private health insurer (affordable) and register with a private hospital/ clinic chain…
However there is a catch… the private health clinics don’t administer new baby vaccinations (our primary health care need) ONLY the National Health care system does!

Hello Niko,

If I may, your question is a little unclear because the context itself is not clear. If you have an EU passport, for example, it is difficult to understand why you are not EU citizens. Which in turn raises questions about if and how you re resident in Portugal (under freedom of movement or a residency visa, etc). You wish to come to Portugal but it is not clear whether you are actually moving your residence or not. This will also determine whether you have access to the system or not. Even private insurance requires a “home base” so no local private insurance provider will issue a policy unless you have a residential address in that country. Finally, some EU citizens moving to Portugal such as the French still maintain heath status in home country …basically, I think you need to seek some consulting advice which is holistic and considers all the factors. People may offer their best opinion but if they are not aware of the full situation there is a risk that someone will give you the wrong opinion because of lack of context. You may also not wish to discuss all your details on a public forum. Regards

Hi LuĂ­s,
Thanks for the message, you are correct and I agree, opinions are just that…
If you have some experience/ expertise, factual info/ advise then perhaps we can chat privately.
What exactly is it you do? I get the feeling you can provide some facts?

Hello Nick
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For third-country, i.e. non-EU, nationals you get an SNS (national health) number by presenting your residence card at an SNS center (I’ve forgotten if I had to fill out a form). I needed a NIF to get residency.

Except for prescription drugs, you will pay more for SNS services than do the citizens. However, there are public health related SNS services free to anyone in the country.