Residency extensions counting towards 5 year timeline for Citizenship

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I’ve spoken to my lawyers and they told me that they believe the residency extensions (granted for existing residency cards) will count towards the 5 year timeline that is needed to apply for citizenship.

Has anyone talked to their lawyers about this? If the renewal appointments are just keep getting postponed in exchange of extensions, for those waiting for the last residency cards, the extensions on the 2nd card can become a mean to fulfill the 5 year period especially for the ones whose cards have expired in 2020 or early 2021.

I always recall the phrase “the clock starts ticking when the residency is card is issued”

It would be good to hear if there are actual cases in which the extensions are used to fulfil the 5 year residency requirement.

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Is there any official news about this?

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The law regarding residence towards citizenship is at: and this thread is relevant: Switching from a Golden Visa to a D7
There is a great deal on this site that is worth reading before posting, despite the clutter.