RNH delay in e Balcão

My wife lived for 6 months in Portugal 28 years ago and had a social security number
Her RNH application is stuck in e Balcão with mention deferido ( proyecto de decisao) since September 2022
We already translated and submitted china residence permit since 2013 to relevant site and delivered originals .we also submitted many other supporting documents in English and Spanish

Limit is end March
Any ideas on how to push

If you are referring to NHR, then i’d suggest getting an in-person appointment at your ‘local’ AT office. At least this is possible with AT as opposed to SEF…

Thank you
I tried but to no avail
They are on 6th floor of AV Joao XXI, Lisboa

And AT office downstairs simply tell me to send in the documents and wait

I saw another web post where they had not bothered to change the remark Indeferido but had actually give RNH ( NHR) status

Wait, there must a way to book an official appointment with AT for you, surely?
I recently booked it with Seguranca Social on the phone at quite short notice, I imagine there is a similar process for AT?
I am a bit spoiled as I just turn up at my local AT office when I need them and they talk to me, but this is a very ‘remote’ location nowhere near Lisbon :sunglasses: