SEF Appointment: Sharing Status (?)

I wrote to my local Embassy even before my SEF confirmation was confirmed. They were understanding enough and provided me with expedited legalization (attestation) and visa appointments. Just explain to them the situation and they should accommodate someone who is an investor in their country.

Congrats! We also got our pre-approval in May 2021, specifically 1st week of May. With this news, we’re hopeful that we can now poke our lawyer to book us our appointment sometime between April and May, our preferred schedule. :pray:

SEF seems to have moved on to scheduling biometrics for applicants approved as late as 2Q 2021. Good news indeed. Hope they keep up the progress.

An update on our timing for this thread:

  • January 2021 - Submitted primary and family reunification applications
  • April 2021 - received pre-approval for both applicants
  • October 18, 2021 - Attorney secured biometric appointment in Coimbra in November for primary applicant
  • November 17, 2021 - Biometric appointment in Coimbra for primary applicant
  • January 12, 2022 - Attorny was notified that appointments were available to schedule for family reunification applicant, and one was secured in Porto for April 5, 2022.

Hope everyone else’s applications are moving forward also.


Very amazing that things are moving so efficiently now.

Some unfortunate people who applied late 2019 to early 2020 have waited 2 + years.
Now the wait after pre-approval should be less than 9 months which is in-line with pre-covid delays.
What a difference from even late November when scheduling was in chaos.

I am very proud of SEF and the work they are doing. When I was in Lisbon for my appointment everyone I met was friendly and helpful. As I go onward I look forward to promoting the history and culture in Portugal and honoring the people who made this possible for me to pursue residency in Portugal. I guess you could say we are all ambassadors. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to get my residency card :+1: :portugal:


These threads have been so helpful to keep updated and know the general timing of things. Although our timing may not be as applicable anymore with the new chronological calendar I wanted to share our stats and thank all the posters for their info, strategy, and updates about the appointment quest.

Application Approved 11-3-21
Biometrics Main Applicant 12-29-21 (Lisbon the old calendar way…refresh, refresh refresh)
Biometrics Spouse 1-8-22 (Coimbra six ticket Pilot Program)


That is great!
When did you submit your application ?

Application posted on 8-23-21

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I wonder how long closing for the holidays/the massive influx of end of year apps has slowed down the process?

Quick update to post our latest status: I received my favorable grant of residency on Friday the 15th of this month! My appointment was in Portimão so my expectations are lowered as to when the card will show up although things appear to be improving in the Portimão office.

My timeline summary:

November 2020 -Application submitted
June 2021 - Biometrics appointments completed at Tavira and Portimão offices, 1 day apart
October 2021 - One favorable grant from Tavira office received
November 2021 - One card from Tavira office received
January 2022 - Favorable grant from Portimão office received

Our Lawyer has been nothing short of amazing in this process!

It has been an emotional joy ride for sure. Hang in there everybody, I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Thanks for this information and congrats . So from the date you took the biometric it’s like 7 months ? . I have done biometric in Portimao as well in November 2021 so what wondering when can I get the card.

Congrats! Your timing of application and provisional grant are almost identical to mine. Wondering if you were invited for biometrics by SEF (probably not since it seems earlier applicants are still waiting) or got your appointments some other way?

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We also got pre-approved in May 2021 and now have appointments for family of 3 in April, Lisbon. Hope your lawyer can do same for you.

Great to hear… Do we know if they start scheduling appointments for people with Pre-approval in Q3 2021 ( Towards September 2021) or when will they start to do so ?