SEF Appointment: Sharing Status (?)

My wife for hers but still nothing on mine.

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I checked with my lawyer today. She confirmed that yes it is possible to submit GV applications again, but that the slots for biometrics are still closed. No indication as to any likely time frame for when biometric slots might re-open. Oh well. Just keep waiting!

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With the D7 visa you have to be a resident in Portugal. With GV only have to stay for 7 or 14 days per year in the Portuguese territory.

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May I ask when did you apply? We had in December and haven’t heart anything yet! Waiting patiently also!

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We applied in May of 2021, so it was pre approved in 7 weeks, relatively quickly

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Once they opened the portal to new applications all the negative publicity about Golden visa has disappeared. You can see that the priority is bringing new money into the country. Its important to treat people with dignity and respect. The delays are going to get worse before they get better.


You base this off of like three articles and maybe as many weeks?

My husband, who applied in Aug 2021 and approved in Dec 2021 just got a biometrics appointment! The lawyer said the schedule was open all the way through December 2022, and he got 10 emails from SEF for his GV clients. Good news!


Same here! I applied in August, pre-approved in October 2021 and was just able to schedule my biometrics appointment for September. Things are finally moving again!


Everybody stay calm

Great news! Congrats y’all


For me:

  • July 2021: Property purchased
  • November 2021: Pre-approved
  • June 24, 2022: Noticed to schedule an appointment between July and December 2022.
  • June 24, 2022: Scheduled for November 2022 b/c I have to prepare for a visa to visit PT.

It really is not that bad.


congrats to all - I’ve contacted my lawyers to see why I haven’t heard anything yet …

My pre approval was in Jan 2022, and my lawyers got me an appointment for Sept 2022!


This is great news that things are moving and for the many of people who had lost hope. It seems weird that all of a sudden everyone can submit new applications, and everyone can get biometric appointments (was not possible for 1.5 years). While the intake of things is accelerating, the backend processing is not moving. Only a handful of people are reporting getting final approvals. Maybe this means they have to start processing final approvals more quickly or things will begin to pile up.

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I also received notification from EF to book appointment and I received my pre approval in Sep 2021. Is there a preferred SEF office where I should book my biometrics appointment? I hear that Lisbon office is more used to processing GV and has competent staff? Would love to hear your thoughts.


I suggest checking the database here and seeing which offices are fastest. Any office is qualified to do appointments.

Unfortunately there are very few data points of people who have received their residency card. I count only 7-8 and don’t see any obvious trends between offices. They’re all pretty long with an average of 170 days between biometrics appointment and receiving the card.

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Approved Nov/Dec 21. Lawyers secured biometrics for next week. Family of 6. :partying_face:


Can everyone who has received new appointments update the spreadsheet? We also just received appointment for biometrics for both of us!


We were pre-approved back in July of 21 and haven’t heard anything from our lawyer about biometrics. Just sent an email.

Do the lawyers still have to manually login and secure the appointment or do they automatically receive a slot based on when the application was submitted?