SEF Appointment: Sharing Status (?)

I had a similar issue. All of the dependents received Biometric Appointments in August, but I as the investor/main applicant did not receive any appointment or ability to book one.

Our lawyer spoke with the SEF office in Lisbon during a visit for another applicant, and they agreed to process me together with the dependents.

We ALL, including myself without the appointment, completed our biometrics appointment in late August in the Lisbon SEF office.


Card has just arrived today. Here is my timeline:

  • 04/2020: GV application was submitted in Sef Lisbon
  • 06/2020: Pre-approval
  • 02/2022: Biometric Porto
  • 08/2022: Approved and Instruction of payment
  • 09/2022: Card received

From biometric to card received: 6 months and 20 days
From card payment to card received: 21 days
The approved letter with the payment instruction was dated on 18th August
Card payment was made on 24th August
Starting date printed on card is 06th Sept
Card received today 13th Sept

It takes 2.5 years to get the first card. Now I am worried about the renewal. I will take some days to think and will definitely talk to lawyer about the possibility to apply to D7 when this 1st card gets expired.

Wishing you all the best luck on this uphill battle.


The first 8 month wait Pre-App-Biometric, was because of the unorganized process of getting appointments.
What is puzzling to me is duration between between biometric to approval/payment instructios, if it takes 2 months to pre-approve. The 6 mo wait fell in the period when the SEF seemingly put everything on hold.

My lawyer tried but failed they don’t allow me to do the biometrics as they claimed the system simply don’t allow to do that …. Now I don’t know how long I need to wait …. So frustrated

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I just wanted to provide an update as to where we are in the process. We applied last Sept 2021, were pre approved in Jan 2022, and just had our biometrics on 22/9/2022 is Lisbon. Our attorneys said it was taking about 6 months post biometrics to get the card, but that has gotten a bit longer. According to them, they are working on the cards from biometrics in Feb 2022 (again, this is only for Lisbon). So about 7 months currently.

I had a question as to dress code for the biometrics appointment as I have been to other places in the world that are quite strict in that regard. Here, there were none. My attorney told me not to where flip flops, but that was it. We wore shorts and a t shirt.

Even though we had appointments, it ended up taking several hours. Having an appointment just means that you can get a number, but you still have to wait for the number to be called. Once the number was called, our attorneys went in for about 15 minutes, then it took 5 minutes once we were called in to take our photo, get our fingerprints, and sign an electronic signature.


Good luck with your progress. There are people from all walks of life coming to SEF offices, so don’t worry about your wardrobe for the appointment. Keep in mind that whatever you’re wearing around your collar area (shirt, sweater, etc.) will be in the photo on your card when it’s issued.

I received the following update from my lawyers:

We have been insisting with the Immigration Office on a weekly basis and they have informed us (although not officially) that they will open new openings for biometrics at the end of the month, possibly in October.

Keeping fingers crossed! Good luck to all of us.

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Fingers and toes crossed I get my pre approval by then (Dec 7) - it’ll be real close from what I can see!

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