SEF Appointment: Sharing Status (?)

The most ridiculous thing is that many people, to attend the biometrics appointment, have to get a Schengen visa.

And while applying for the Schengen visa they take your biometrics.

That’s right. You have to get biometrics taken at your local consulate to get a visa to travel to Portugal to get your biometrics taken again.

If only there were some kind of technology, an “internet” perhaps that would allow digital biometrics to be sent to Portugal without having to travel there…


the budget for that got embezzled.

Exactly so. I thought in the year 2021, any Portuguese diplomatic representation could take your biometrics and send it to Portugal for processing. Why have they not thought of it til now… The wait is agonising.

Somehow, I suspect there are missing documents, the lawyer insists this is not the case and would not tell me which one is missing. If I have to provide a new apostille for a new background check this would delay the application into next year… very very frustrating.

Do you know yourself which documents were submitted in the first instance?
You may want to simply check the SEF list of required documents, and if you spot something that you never prepared or shared with your lawyer, that could be the one missing?

I see it. I missing a document. I cannot believe this was missing.

Does this mean my application has to start all over again?

I think it means that you just need to prepare this one outstanding document and then re-submit together with the rest that you already had.
Remember that you need to have your criminal record paper up-to-date (not older than 3 months) when you resubmit your application.

Hi, Could you please share the name of the missing document so others here can be careful to check with our lawyers during the submission.

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I heard you can submit the criminal record without apostille initially then also send them the version with apostille as soon as it is available.

You need to upload the tax ID of your tax residence/origin.

This is going to take along time…