Sue a permanent traveller

Hello fellow travellers!

Currently I am seeking a help.

I want to sue someone who is almost like a permanent traveller somehow. He is basically travelling all the time, but currently he has workpermit/visa to live in a country. So technically I can do it there.

However, he has a mind of being a traveller, I can see as soon as I sue him, he would just resign and leave the country and became pure permanent traveller again.

He owes me (technically my kid) money, and future child support for my kid.

Does anyone know if any international rules I can sue him somehow? I am screwed… ;(


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I’m not sure this relates only to child support, but that can be a place to start.

Many countries have bilateral agreements for enforcement of child support. Where are you from (resident/citizen), and where is he from (citizen and currently residing), if I may ask?

You could always try claiming the child support order in his country of citizenship. Some countries (including the US) may in some cases even cancel someone’s passport if they owe a significant amount of child support.

Leaving behind the child support issue, you could also sue him in your home country and try to get a ruling in your favor there. Depending on international agreements you might be able enforce it via his home country (where he’s a citizen) or other countries where he generally travels.

You could also go directly to his home country (where he’s a citizen) and file a lawsuit there. If he still has family there he’s likely to return there at some point, and his home government could give him troubles when he tries to renew his passport (in some cases at least).

I’m not sure how effective it would be, but you could also try filimg a suit where he does his banking.

Keep in mind, I’m no expert on this topic, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. And you should really get some legal advice, as it sounds like a complex legal situation.

You should sue him in the country of origin. Is he never coming home? Depending on your country, the authorities should be able to find him wherever he is and deal with him.

if its a criminal investigation case and you have a sufficient proof for what you are claiming, the European courts can stop everyone. But I wondering amounts you are paying for solicitor and court and judge fee is more than you will get from him.

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I know people who has been held in airports for parking tickets.
I read about somebody in my country who got his pass confiscated when he went home for a funeral.

Suggest you look for places he would have to go sometimes, or where he might inherit money.