The Best Black Friday Deals for Nomads and Travelers 2018 🤑

(Daniil Alexander) #21

Amazing! Finally got the 23 and me thing, thanks a lot @tkrunning <3

(Trina) #22

I have tried two VPNs so far and neither allowed Hulu to work. You can access Hulu’s site, but as soon as you try to watch a show, it will say you are using a proxy if using one of the better ones or simply “Access Denied” with the free VPNs. Anyone successfully connecting to Hulu internationally?

(kristina carroll) #23

I have seen FastestVPN Cyber Monday VPN deal, really a worthy deal to share with you people so that others can also take benefit.

Here are the Cyber Monday VPN deals offered by FastestVPN varying in the time of subscription:

(Tak) #28

I got a mail from Tutanota. It’s an encryptic email service having partnership with Tresorit (encryptic server space).

Partnership with Tresorit - 50% off!

As a Tutanota user, you have taken care of secure messaging. Now it’s time to do the same for your data - with Tresorit!

We are proud to have partnered with Swiss cloud security company Tresorit, because just like us, they believe that privacy is a fundamental human right.

We secured a 50% discount off of Tresorit’s primary product, their secure cloud storage service.
You can redeem this discount the next two weeks by clicking on this custom link for Tutanota users. The first 14 days are on Tresorit:

Redeem 50% discount - first two weeks are free! Try Tresorit Send.

  • Sharing files up to 5GB
  • Password protected links
  • Download tracking
  • Browser plugin

Try sharing with Tresorit Send - it’s free!

(Mario) #29

I think it’s more marketing, than desperation.

I bought two lifetime subscriptions so far and both providers continued to grow.
Purchased VPN Unlimited first, 4 years ago, and at first it was a two-year subscription offer, I liked them, so I jumped on their offer for the lifetime subscription when I saw it.

StackSocial has again lifetime offer for VPN Unlimited @ $39.99 (ref link).

The second one was CeloVPN, which is my main driver for most of my device. The rest of the family and my NAS use VPN Unlimited.

I’m not saying that these are the best out there, but for 40 USD I got years of their service and they’re always very fast to cater my requests.

I hope they saw that a number of their lifetime subscribers is not abusing the network/servers, so they can on-board more and word of mouth is the best referral out there :slight_smile:
VPN Unlimited also introduced a free service, limited to 1 server and one protocol, but it’s there and it’s not metered, AFAIK.