The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa

Hi Roger,

Understand you have circumstances that prevent your spouse that force her to wait for two years. As to option 2 you propose, it sounds very good on paper, but I am not sure about how that process works as I have not gone through it myself.

Again, my recommendation is to talk to a lawyer on the details of that place to make sure it’s both possible and more easy to do. Good luck in the process, and happy to give you more information on the Golden Visa process for real estate as I have more background on that particular investment option.

Strange question but I did the process without a lawyer. I was approved after the biometrics and paid my fee. How long should it take for issuance of the ‘golden visa’ does it get posted to me or do I need to get it collected?


Which path did you follow, real estate or capital investment? How difficult was it all, really? Or do you have prior experience with Portuguese bureaucracy?

Is it possible to become a citizen of Portugal without ever becoming a tax resident? For example, if you only spend the minimum number of days (around 1 week per year) in Portugal while on the Golden Visa, you aren’t obligated to pay any sort of taxes on your assets (eg. capital gains taxes) held in your home country while you reside in your home country, right? It’s my understanding that you only become a tax resident if you spend 183 or more days in Portugal. I would like to live in Portugal only after becoming a citizen and not have to pay any capital gains taxes on my assets held in my home country while I wait the 5-6 years.

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Now the first Golden Visa Residence Permit is valid for 2 years and each renewal has a validity of 3 years.

According to the law is seems possible. :slight_smile:

If you paid a fee of 8,60€ on the day of the biometrics, that was the fee for them to send the card home.
It might be sent to the address you wrote down on the form which you delivered together with all your personal documents.

Thanks. Now to work out what address I put on that form!

Hi Zayd
Great thanks for your complete and organised feedback!